Chapter 27

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Chapter 27


After fleeing the studio earlier, Kamree had swung by to pick up Paisley and take her home. There, she made them a quick dinner--barbecue chicken and potatoes--and settled down in the living room to play a board game she sucked at but Paisley loved.

Daxton's living room had the best view in the home. It was a tall-ceilinged room with stacked floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the city. Despite the dark, rather cold color pattern, the beautiful view made up for it.

It was a wonder how anyone could watch the 55 inch Smart TV when they had the cityscape right there.

"Kamree, your turn."

Kamree tore her gaze from the window back to the game. "I think I'm in jail. I can't do anything."

"You can sell your property to me."

She snorted. "Not a chance."

Six o'clock came and went. Seven passed. At 7:30, she'd just begun to worry about where Daxton was when the front door slammed. The second Daxton walked into his home, her whole spine went rigid.

"Kamree?" He called out.

Paisley looked at Kamree, confused at the way she'd stopped mid-turn. "In here," she called out.

"Hey," he fiddled with his car keys as he walked in, and unbuttoned his suit jacket, "who's winning?"

Paisley grinned. "Kamree is terrible at this game."

Kamree knew she'd be expected to laugh. And if she really were paying attention to the game in front of them, she would have. But her thoughts were on the man who'd just walked in.

"Is that why you picked it? You little creep." Kamree's voice sounded thin even to her ears.

She couldn't help but remember the recording studio incident earlier. The lyrics that both devastated and thrilled her. Over and over her mind replayed her running from the booth like her ass was on fire.

She'd run out of work a lot lately.

Daxton continued to fiddle with his keys. "Paisley, do you mind if I talk with your sister for a moment?"

Paisley looked to Kamree, asking the silent question.

Kamree nodded. "Why don't you go get ready for bed?"

When Paisley left, Kamree got up and readjusted her t-shirt, feeling like she needed to ready for battle. A battle in which she couldn't armor up for.

The two of them stared at each other. Kamree waited for Daxton to start--he had to know she'd read the lyrics. Had to know that she knew--

"My father is looking to fire you," Daxton said.

Surprised by the conversation starter, she sucked in a breath.

"There's been a discrepancy in the company account--my father has tracked it back to your card." He threw his keys on the couch and slid off his jacket. Underneath he wore a white and blue vertical striped button down with a black tie. Almost distractedly, he began to roll up the cuffs on the sleeves, exposing his strong forearms. "I told him there was no way you'd do something like that."

"I did."

His fingers paused, "what?"

"I took money from the account. Spent it in Medloy village."

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