From Mutual Hatred [Lesbian]

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From mutual hatred

Elle groans as she steps into her student apartment building. She can hear the loud rhythmic thuds accompanied by the vocal harmonies of female moans and male grunts. She places the box of hot meat feast pizza on the table and glances across to the clock. 7 o’clock in the evening, it states and she can’t help but exhale in frustration! Seriously, shouldn’t they be out on a date right now or something?! She thinks to herself; after all nearly everyone she knows is probably out today what with it being bloody Valentine’s Day and all. Oh, how she hates the stupid holiday! And she genuinely does and her bitterness has nothing to do with her current single status; because last year when she did have a girlfriend, she still hated Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately her last girlfriend, just like what seems like the entire campus (even those that are single), seems to love the day.
As the sex noises hammer through the paper thin walls, Elle clenches her hands into a fist and decides that she so cannot take listening to this all fucking night.

Storming out of her apartment, Elle starts to bang on the other door to keep the noise down, not that they respond-in fact, they just carry on louder than before. Groaning, Elle’s head lands against the door with a soft thud.
“Fucking Valentine’s Day,” she mutters to herself.

“You said it!” chirps a voice beside her. Not expecting it, Elle squeaks startled and turns to look at the owner of the voice. It’s a woman-a hot woman. She looks familiar somehow-probably a face she’d seen around campus. Yet she hadn’t the pleasure of meeting her until now. Dressed in a pair of ripped light blue denim jeans and a tank top with the Guns N’ Roses symbol on them, Elle’s surprised how attractive she is even in such understated clothes.
“Not a fan of the holiday either?” asks Elle.
“Can’t really say I am, especially not when I have to listen to those 2 rabbits going at it!” jokes the girl. Elle smiles along.
“So I’m guessing you’re their other neighbour then?”
“Yep, that’s me-Cassandra Williams,” introduces the bronze haired Goddess.
“Elle Jenkins,” replies Elle, “no boyfriend to spend today with then?”
Elle knows instantly that she’s said the wrong thing when Cassandra’s cat like eyes narrows and her pink lips press into a hard line.
“Why would you presume I’m single and straight for that matter?!” she icily asks. Elle looks at her wide eyed-holy shit! Dare she hope that Cassandra’s gay?!
“Uh-I-I’m sorry but....are you” she stutters out. Cassandra looks the platinum blonde up and down. Just when she thought this girl may be different to the others-turns out she’s wrong. Of course some busty, blonde like her couldn’t imagine meeting a gay female. God, they’re all the fucking same!
“Yeah I am, so go ahead call me whatever you want, I’ve heard it all already,” defensively states Cassandra and again Elle blinks at her in shock.
“I wasn’t going to-I didn’t-look I think you have the wrong-”
“Whatever Blondie,” sighs Cassandra rolling her eyes and turning around to go back to her apartment.
“Wait!” calls Elle, “er-listen Cassandra...have you got any plans for tonight?”

Cassandra’s moss green eyes blink at her in surprise as she twists around.
“What?” she echoes, unclear of what she’s just heard.
“Well, if you’re not doing anything tonight, I’ve got a large meat feast pizza and some horror movies,” offers Elle. It sure beats spending time alone doing that and if Elle can get to know Cassandra better, then it just sweetens the deal all the more.
“No-I mean yes- I mean....” Cassandra sighs, letting out a short laugh as she tries her response again, “No, I don’t have any plans and yes, that sounds awesome.”
“Great,” beams Elle at her.

Elle invites Cassandra into her small student apartment who with Elle’s permission relaxes on the couch as Elle goes to warm up the pizza.
Elle steels a glance at Cassandra whose lean legs are crossed over one another as she glances around her apartment. God, how she’d love those legs bare and wrapped around her, thinks Elle smiling as she brings the pizza out into the lounge. Placing the box down she opens up the lid only to get a raise of her eyebrows from Cassandra.
“What?” asks Elle.
“No plates huh?” amusedly questions Cassandra.
“Nope! Let’s just get dirty with this!” laughs Elle, switching the TV on and selecting the horror film. She then takes a slice of pizza right out of the box and encourages Cassandra to do the same.
As the film starts Cassandra sneaks a glance across at Elle wondering how on earth someone as funny and beautiful as her could be alone today.
Elle feels like she’s being watched and as she turns she can see that someone is indeed staring at her. Her expression is confused but a grin forms nonetheless on her lips.
“What?!” she asks.
Cassandra says nothing just smiling and shaking her head which causes Elle to repeat her question.
“Tell me!” she cries, “do I have food on my face?!”
“No, no, I was just...nevermind-”
“Come on! I’ve giving you free pizza here, you owe me,” points out Elle in good-nature. Cassandra gives a dramatic sigh before she gazes back at Elle with a twinkle in her eyes that has Elle’s heart rate increasing.
“I was wondering why you don’t have any plans today,” shrugs Cassandra.
“I do...This was it,” grins back Elle.
Cassandra rolls her eyes and retorts with, “I mean why aren’t you out?”
Elle exhales a breath of air, “I hate the fuss people make in this country on Valentine’s Day. The craziest of them are the single-girls!”
Cassandra slyly looks at her, “And are you one of them then?”
“God no! I mean, yes, single but not that crazy!”
“ did that happen?”
“How did what happen?”
“How are you single? You’re every person’s wet dream! Blonde, curvaceous and funny!” cries Cassandra.
A light tinge of red coats Elle’s cheeks and her tongue darting out to lick her bottom lip. Immediately Cassandra’s eyes follow the pink snake sweep across Elle’s plump flesh.
Elle leans forward, causing Cassandra to incline back a little despite not wanting to.
“Elle?” she asks Cassandra unsurely.
“So...Am I your wet dream Cassandra?” she whispers hands resting against the arm of the couch, effectively trapping Cassandra in. Cassandra’s green eyes fill with shock and disbelief which soon dissolves into lust. Her body has a sharp urge to taste Elle and just hold her.
Feeling a spark of boldness Cassandra tilts up and presses her lips with Elle’s.
Just as she suspected they’re soft and supple. Cassandra’s hand wraps around her waist as the other cups her cheek. As Elle’s pulls back momentarily to gaze into Cassandra’s eyes, she’s stunned.
She has no idea what she’s looking for in the green depths but whatever it is causes something to click in Elle. She feels a rush of urgency feel Cassandra. All of her.

Elle’s body leans into Cassandra’s as she eases her weight off her knees and her resting arms, only to settle between Cassandra’s legs. She can feel the heat from Cassandra’s body fuelling the passion in her own. Her lips reclaim Cassandra’s own thinner lips, parting them with ease and allowing her tongue to slide into Cassandra’s hot mouth. Elle’s dominating personality starts to show as she leads Cassandra’s tongue into a tango of sorts. A low, almost whispered whimper meets Elle’s ears and she feels her pulse quicken by the sound. Her hands ease down onto Cassandra’s body as they both shuffle to lie flat on the couch. Elle’s fingers lightly ease up Cassandra’s top, skimming the smooth flesh underneath.
Cassandra’s own hands want to do some exploring and dismissing all restrictions on herself at this moment, she allows them to glide to the perky globes of Elle’s ass and squeeze. A higher pitched moan rings out this time, causing Cassandra’s occupied lips to curl slightly into a smile. As Elle’s lips momentarily leave Cassandra’s, Cassandra looks at her in confusion as to what the hold-up is.
“...Would I scare you if I said I want you now?” asks Elle, voice heavy with lust that has a tinge of uncertainty.
Cassandra gulps and replies, “Yeah...but only because I feel exactly the same way.”

Elle’s lips are harder and more demanding this time, her body pressing more ferociously against Cassandra. Both can feel their breasts pressed against each the others’ and the heat between their legs pulsing at them to quicken the pace.
One of Elle’s hands, remain at Cassandra’s waist, while the other slips down to stroke at the slither of skin just above strand of her jeans. Taking a bold move, Elle unbuttons and unzips the denim item of clothing.
Their lips part but no words need to be spoken as Elle’s own lips eager for the contact of Cassandra’s skin latch on her neck. There she lightly kisses and suckles to leave love bites. As Cassandra moans and groans at the sensation, Elle takes the opportunity to slips her hand under her spotty briefs. Elle’s fingertips are met with the silkiness of recently shaved skin and from there she snakes down to the little hard tip of Cassandra’s aroused clítoris poking out from its hood. Her finger briefly rolls over that, noting the way Cassandra’s breath hitches, before she slides 2 fingers between the soft folds of Cassandra’s soaking wet lábia.

“Elle!” moans Cassandra, her fingernails slightly digging into Elle’s covered butt.

Elle can feel her own juices’ flowing as she gently eases her fingers into Cassandra’s tight hole and starts pumping. Cassandra feels her breaths coming out a lot shorter as Elle’s torturous beats in and out of her continue at a pace slow enough to cause havoc on Cassandra’s libido, yet quick enough to keep her excited and wet. Fuck, realises Cassandra, Elle’s done this before, many time judging by her skills.
Elle’s kisses become more strategically placed as her fingers twitch it up a notch, pumping harder into Cassandra. Cassandra’s hot walls start to contract as she nears orgasm, her eyes closing and lips parting lightly.
“Oh God! Elle! OH FUCK! Please...Please, babe,” she moans her words slurring and mumbling together as her tongue like her head is lost to lust.
Elle grins against Cassandra’s skin, as she hooks her fingers and slowly scraps along the sensitive walls causing Cassandra to cry out in pleasure as her hips jolt in response. Giving her no time to recover, Elle unfurls her fingers and continues hammering into her moaning vixen.

With the gruelling pace, Cassandra finds herself racing to the top of her climax. She tries desperately to slow down the processes but all too soon, her walls constrict and with a long cry she feels herself tip over the edge into a blissful state. Colours explode behind her eyelids and she swears that the pleasure she feels is like a piece of heaven itself.

Elle feels the tightening on her fingers and lifts her head up to witness the clear ecstasy splashed all across Cassandra’s beautiful face. Elle pulls her fingers back as Cassandra’s green eyes blink open and they gaze at Elle with a new sparkle in them.
“I want to taste you,” whispers Cassandra causing Elle’s own desire to spark again.
“Then let’s go baby. I got a bed that’s just waiting to be used,” she retorts in the same sensual tone.
Elle eases of Cassandra when she sees her smile wickedly in agreement.  

Just as they’re stumbling into the bedroom though, hand-in-hand and giggling a knock comes at the door. Ignoring it doesn’t seem to be an option either as the knocking persists. With a groan Elle goes to inspect the rain on their parade as Cassandra follows behind.
Opening it up, both girls are shocked to see that the person at their door is none other than their male neighbour.
“Look I have no idea what the fuck you’re up to but could you keep it down please?” he requests. Elle feels her anger spike-the fucking hypocrite. Oh hell, she’ll show him!
“Sure...Happy Valentine’s Day,” she replies in a saccharine tone and wide fake smile. He gives a slight nod of his head as he trudges away meaning Elle can now shut the door. Spinning around she smiles devilishly at Cassandra whose eyebrows are raised in surprise at the brief conversation.

“Let’s give him something to really complain about....” she wickedly smirks. 

A/n I'm sorry it's short, I had only a couple of hours to write it in time for today! Happy Valentine's Day by the way! 

I also realise it wasn't that exciting, but I will do a proper lesbian one at some point in time with 'more' to it. Anyway, the one-shot I was talking about before (the one with the doctor patient) will be the next update one, promise. Not sure when though so....yeah, anyway, hope you liked what was there and how was your Valentine's day? Anyone do anything interesting/special? 

Until next time, chow!