Revenge is All We Live For

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There has always been two kinds of worlds. Somewhat like Earth and Saturn but more like myth and reality. Many people who belong to reality read about the mythical world. Werewolves, vampires, wizards...etc. Of course they didn’t realize that what they were reading was not mythical at all, but one-hundred percent real. Only, these stories were not made to entertain the young, but to find the chosen ones. 

It is the mythical worlds high official’s job to make these stories and keep a watch on the young ones that read them. If the right type of young reads the book, first, that child will insist on reading the book alone, in the dead of night and second they will attempt to do a spell, a magic spell, of those inside the book. 

If that child is really a wizard the spell will work and then the child will get a message the next day by dog. The child will be going about it’s normal activities when they will hear a dog barking and then running towards him or her. Of course, as a kid, she or he will want to pet the dog, so that gives the dog full access to come up to the kid. The dog will transform into what looks like a human, only to tell that child that it is a hologram projected into that individual’s mind. Nobody else could can see it or hear it.   

Miya Leckmate was five years old when this experience happened to her. She had been running around in the park when she saw the dog and it began to talk to the innocent; blond haired girl.

“Who are you?” Miya asked in a soft tone to the strange person. 

The hologram spoke in a gentle voice, his also blond hair swinging in front of his green eyes in an assuring gesture, almost telling her to not be afraid. “My name is Dex Colt.”

Dex Colt was young, she thought of him as rather pretty. Almost fictional... but even though she had a young mind she couldn’t help but be scared, even just a little.

“Don’t be nervous.” Dex spoke smoothly, floating through the young child’s ears.

“What do you want?” Miya pouted, she wanted him gone.

“I have news to tell you,” He paused slightly. “You may need to sit down.”

Miya started walking towards the playground, her bare feet touching the grass soothed her.

“I don’t understand, how are you doing this?” Miya questioned, sitting down on the park bench.

Dex seemed to sigh, “This is always the hardest part.”

Miya didn’t say anything, she was overwhelmed. Too confused to continue talking. And scared, she’s never been so scared in her life.

Dex saw her confused and sat down, watching the girl sit down next to him, ready to explain.

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