Chapter One:

Okay, let me just start by telling you that there is absolutely nothing special about me. No secret talents at all. Average, normal, decent appearance, and definitely nothing special enough to make me better than anyone else. I am not particularly thin, though not fat either. I have long, light brown hair, hazel eyes, full lips, and thin eyebrows. At least, that is what my mother and friends tell me. To tell you the truth, I find nothing appealing about my appearance.

I am also not one of those rich, spoiled brat that are only liked because of their connections. Like anyone would like me more just because my hairdressers mothers best friends dogs friend is Ashley Tisdale’s poodle! (Which is true, by the way, if you care.)

No,the only reason that I can even afford to go to South High Prep School is because of the one thing that separates me from everyone else; I am poor, and I am known as what SHPH calls a “beneficiary,” also known as charity case.

So, on my first day of school, I was already painfully aware that I would not fit in. The butterflies in my stomach were having a heyday, fluttering around crazily, obviously not caring for their own wellbeing as I slapped them. Of course, that only hurt me, and I was now in pain as well as having the butterflies,

I found that I had difficulty eating, even though my mom had made me my favorite breakfast, a piece of toast, scrambled eggs, a yogurt parfait with strawberries, granola, raspberries, and bananas in it, and a large glass of orange juice. Now do you know why I am not skinny? Yeah, so what if I like food? Sue me.

As I played around with my food using my fork, I found myself pulling at the skirt of the school uniform. Uniforms stink, but this skirt definitely stank. No, this was not one of those corny, cheap school uniforms. In fact, this uniform had been custom-made by some of the world’s top designers. Now are you getting a clue as to how wealthy this school is?

The designers had succeeded in inventing a cute uniform using our school’s color, blue. The girls received a frilly white shirt with a red and white plaid tie, and even though I was uncomfortable with the slight, though small, dip at the front, it was still overall a cute top.

However, the skirt was stupid and pointless. It was almost unjustified to wear something so short at all that I wanted to call the school office and request to wear the boy’s uniform. Red and white plaid like the tie, the skirt would be short on an elf! Much less me, who at 6’5, was anything but short.

Well, so what if it went down to my mid-thighs when I was sitting! I was uncomfortable in short things, as, before I began having to wear a uniform I went to a public school, and wore jeans every day as that was the "in" thing at the time.

I glanced at the clock, and to my surprise, it was already 8:03.

“Poop!” I screamed, shoving books in to my bag; breakfast forgotten. School started at 8:15, and I lived a good ten minutes away from school.

I ran out the door, yelling a goodbye to my mother, and grabbed my keys from their hook near the door. Jumping into my car, I shoved my key into the ignition, chanting “poop, poop, poop!” to myself over and over again. I swerved out of our driveway, and I began my drive to school, still tugging relentlessly at my annoying uniform’s skirt.

After I had reached school, the butterflies in my stomach began to increase their activity.  Now they were buzzing frantically around in the confined area of my stomach, longing to escape from its dark and probably ugly contents.  At least, I assumed that my innards were not attractive.  I don’t know, maybe those of you who are actually smart can tell me.  If the person is incredibly attractive on the outside of their body, would their innards be just as attractive?  I am unaware of how the system works.  It would make sense, I guess, if that was true.  

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