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5 years later....

I had finally graduated from university and was now the co-owner of the garage with my now husband. We wed in an intimate ceremony with our closest friends and family in the Hunter Valley.

Our room overlooked the valley and it had a beautiful spa to relax in. The view was truly breathtaking. I had finally married the love of my life and he was all mine.

The ceremony was short and sweet, just the way we wanted it and it was perfect.

Our days were mostly spent at the garage doing what we loved or surrounded by our friends and family. Aiden was still in charge of the garage though. The garage was his child and his happy place when he wasn't on the track.

Renee had started working with us about a month after we had talked about it and she was a great asset to the business not to mention my best friend and the one who kept me sane. She was actually in a relationship with Marco and it made me so happy. I had enjoyed playing Cupid with them.

Jay had married the girl he met at the club all those years ago and they just had their first baby together a few months ago.

Andrew had sold the garage to Jay and Marco and had moved overseas to work on the Monster Trucks after finally listening to his heart and following his dreams. He wrote to us nearly every week to let us know how he was going and that he was still alive. He even skyped us when he wasn't busy.

Isabelle had her daughter who was now four. My beautiful niece Aria was the splitting image of her mother and reminded me of us at a young age.

And as for Aiden and I, we were the happiest we had ever been.

Our hearts were bursting with love and I was so greatful for this life. We had two little blessings of our own, our three year old twins Levi and Kara. They were their father all over and I loved them so much. Aiden was so good with them and we took them racing at least once a month.

They loved being on a bike with Dad and seeing how close they were. Aiden was always cooking with them or reading stories. They were very involved in our world and they loved watching him work. When we weren't at the garage we were at home cooking together or visiting someone.

Aiden had decided to cut back from work because he wanted to be with me and be more involved with the twins. He loved being a dad and having two little humans who idolised him made it so worth it.

I owed Aiden everything and I would spend the rest if my life giving him and my children my all. I was complete and finally happy with my life.

It was a good one after all.


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