Chapter 20

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I got home and went to my room. I look through my closet for something warm and dry to wear.

Out of everything I came across Jin sweater. I never gave this back to him. I should throw it away with his umbrella. I wanted to throw it away, I seriously do, but a part of me didn't want to. I put it in back of my closet hopefully I won't see it again.



"How was school?" My dad opened the door as he walk in.

"It was good."

"Did you see Jin?"

"Yeah I did but I didn't talk to him. Even though he wanted to."

"Good, stay away from boys like him. Dad will find you a better guy. Dad have a best friend who have a handsome son. Did you want to meet him?"

"No dad. Not yet at least. When I'm ready I'll let you know."

"Let dad know, he is a way better gentleman and he'll be better for your future. You both can benefit each other." He said kissing my forehead walking to my door. "Think about it okay?"

"Okay dad."


I woke up looking out the window seeing the skies with the dark gloomy weather. I put on some jacket and some rain boot incase it rains just like yesterday. I ran to school going into my locker to take out my books before I forget.

"Do you really not want to talk to me?" I heard Jin's voice.

"I told you yes! Please leave me alone. You're annoying." I didn't look at him as I close my locker. I walk away as he grabbed onto my hand.

"Please just talk to me and understand me." I brought the courage to look at him. He looks awful... almost as if he's been crying too much.

I know this is all an act to get me to like him again. He almost got me but I won't fall for his tricks again. "I don't want to hear another word from you." I free myself as I quickly walked to class.


School ended and great.. here I am with no umbrella again because I only thought about how to keep warm and not wet.

"Forgot the umbrella I gave to you yesterday?" I look seeing Jin standing next to me again.

"Why do you care."

"I care I really do. I don't want you to get sick."

"Good one." I didn't waste another second as I put my bag over my head. I walk home drying myself before going inside.

"Go change and come eat." My dad said.


After dinner I worked on my homework. My phone vibrated very second. I know it was from Jin. I turned my phone off to avoid seeing his texts.


I got to school as Jin came up to me to hold onto my hand.

"Jin I swear to god stop talking to me!"

"I'm sorry. How are you? I just... really miss you Sowon I do..."

"I said I'm not talking to you." I remove his hands as he walk away. I shrugged it off as I walk to class.

"You look bother." Mark said.

"Yeah Jin don't know when to quit talking to me. I'm about to crazy knowing how bad I hate him."

"Just tell him. Tell him you hate having to see his face. So he'll stop bothering you. You only have to talk and be truthful. Running away isn't making Jin go away."

Mark was right. After school was done I waited for Jin.

"Can I talk to you?" I asked him as he smiled at me.

"Sure." We went to the school filed and sat down. "What is it?"

"Okay I'll get to the point. I won't beat around the bush."


"I want you to stop talking to me. I can't stand seeing you."

"Is there a reason why you don't want to see me?" He said. "I just don't understand how-"

"Reasons? I'm sure you know very well I don't have to explain myself. Stop approaching me because I hate seeing you the very first thing when I get to school."

"Do you hate me that much?" He asked with sadness in his voice.

"Hate doesn't even describe how much I don't like you."

"Even if you don't like me I still like you. I'm serious Sowon. I like you so much. How can all of that just disappear?" He turn to look for an answer but I couldn't give him one. "How can you just let me go so easily?"

"Just stop bothering me will you?."

"Why don't you just listen to me? I'll listen to you, but will you listen to me?" He said turning to me. "Just Once Sowon listen to what I have to say. Please." He grabbed onto my hand as I tug it away from him.

"No you have no right to talk to me. You didn't listen to me because you didn't stay away from me."

"You don't want to know how I feel?" He lifted his head as his eye became watery.

"I already know how you feel." I look away to avoid his eyes.

"You don't want to know what I think about you?" He added.

"I know how you feel towards me."

"You don't want to know what you mean to me."

"I already know what I mean to you."

"You don't wan-"

"Look Jin! I know already! Can you please stop!"

"You don't care how I feel towards everything?" His voice crack as he tried to contain all his emotions..

"No I don't care! I just want you gone! Never appear in front of me again. I'm done with you." I got up walking away before he can hold me. He came to me and back hug me.

"What are you doing?" I said trying to move.

"But I'm not done and I'll never be." He said burying his face into my shoulder.

He let go and I turn to see his hand moving up to his face. Was he crying? Was I to harsh on him? Maybe I should've have gave him a chance to explain himself? What if he just comes up with more lies to tell me?

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