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1. You spend at least three hours a day on the site [ ] 

2. You refresh your page at least ten times in hopes that you will see a new fan, vote, or comment.

3. You check Watt pad first thing in the morning [ ]

4. You find yourself thinking counting down the hours in class so that you can go home, drop the back pack, and check if any of your favorite Authors have updated?

5. You read the same chapter six times over because the STORY IS THAT GOOD.

6. You're suppose to be studying but instead your on watt pad.

7. You have spent an entire day on watt pad before.

8. Your friend asked you, "What have you done all day ?" 

And you reply, "Nothing." Because you've been on the computer all weekend. 

9. You have to sign out out of the site and close down the browser so you can actually get something productive done. [ ]

10. Comment on a story at least six times, begging an author to update. 

11. Your best friend asks if you want to go a movie but you say no because your favorite writer has just updated. And you've been waiting for that update for nearly a week.

12. You find yourself constantly thinking of a story, whether it be in class or on the way to work.

13. You find that you like the fictional characters in a story more than anyone in YOUR REAL LIFE

14. You hate cliff hangers. Loath their very existence. 

15. Your blood/heart races when a writer updates YOUR FAVORITE STORY

16. Your boyfriend has left you because you spent way too much time on the computer. It's okay  because he's not nearly as hot as the fictional characters you read about.

17. You've downloaded the AP to your phone.

18. If your not reading someone on watt pad, YOUR WRITING An update for your lovely fans.

19. You love those online updates. They feed your addiction.

20. You realize their is no greater feeling in the world than feeling appreciated for your stories. 

I pronounce you a watt pad addict. Now, the bad news is that THERE is no  known cue for this disease. It's one of the worst addiction. Because you can't ban yourself from the internet. No,  you'll have to eventually go online and when you do, you'll find yourself on watt pad.

If you checked nine of these, then I will crown you addict. If you checked eight or less, you are only slightly obsessed with watt pad and have some sort  of life outside of watt pad.


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