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Thank you guys gor the support :) also, i am changing how i write the story. Instead of things like: I, and we, i will be using words like: You, and they, and them.



On to teh story!

"Eeek!" You squeal. The water had suddenly gone cold, and so had the air. You were freezing. Everybody immediately began to run out of the water. Which was difficult, given that they were all at least ankle deep in salt water. ( y u so salty ocean? XD)
your eyes dart around the beach frantically, as you search for what had caused the change in weather, and temperature. Suddenly, a Monochrome bear appeared out of nowhere, Causing you to jump back and land straight on your buttox. (Pfft.)
"My name's Monokuma!" He announced loudly.

~le timeskip~

Everybody looked panic stricken. With you, still laying on the ground, tears slowly started to fall down your cold cheeks. You panicked, stood up and ran. Along with most others. You run into your cabin, lock the door, lock the windows, shut the blinds, and flop on your bed. It took you awhile to figure out that you were screaming, terrified. Soon, you can somehow hear faint knocking from your door, and you immediately stop screaming, and look at the door.

Yee. Okay, sorry this was short. I AM JUST BORED. also, i did something dumb last Wednesday. At lunch, i was sitting with mu friend, and i got the bright idea to kick her. So, i kicked REALLY hard, and ended up kicking something. That something was A METAL POLE. Long story short, i had to go to the nurse's office.


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