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   "Hello Jezzabelle."I hear my vision is blurry but I can see Raven. She was in red heels black jeans and a black tank top. My head hurt I try to lift my hands trying to rub my face but I feel myself being tied up. I start to panic.

"The more you struggle the tighter it gets"She says. My hearing is very muffled. I remember all the events that took place. Victoria...I burst into tears. I know my sister is dead. Why her she was so young she was only 19 she had a life ahead of her.

"Awwe your not happy to see me you do know you killed some of my best men not appreciated. "  Raven says. My tears stop instantly filled with a burning hate for her.  Anger that I've never felt before boils in my body.....something clicks..... this bitch killed my sister, abused my girlfriend, and fucks with my marriage.  I laugh evily. She looks confused.

"Fuck you and your men"I say dark....I like it. She walks up and back hands me I giggle. She backs up.

"The fuck you find the funny"she asked pissed.

"If you knew what I went thru before you motherfucker you would understand why your little hits don't do shit"I laugh and spit at her. Her face goes red.

"You fucking whore"she says and punches me. I giggle when my nose blood sprays on her.

"Crazy motherfucker"she mumbles. 

"Ayo Danny come over and watch the bitch"She calls and big guy with all black. I stare at him.

"What you staring at?" he asks. I burst out laugh.

"You one ugly ass girl"I joke

"I aint a girl I can show you" he says and whips it out. I gag ew now I know why I gay

"where the rest"I joke. He get pissed and hits it me. I laugh.

"Danny get out"I hear Noah say. I frown when I hear heels behind him.

"Aww danny put it away what the fuck were about to do to her"Noah asks.

"Uhh nothing boss"he says.

"bitch I swear to god if you were about to rape her I will cut off you dick"Noah threatens. I am confused on why he was defensive.

"what do you care"I ask. He looks hurt for like 5 minutes then his face goes blank.

"Jezzabelle Wright homewrecking bitch"Miranda rears her cold hearted self around the corner.

"ha cant wreck what was never there" I add.

"Man I-"

"Leave Miranda i wanna talk to her alone"Noah demands. Miranda sucks her teeth and walks out.

"Hey babydoll" Noah says using my stripper name.

"Fuck you you cock sucking bitch" I say hitting a soft spot. His eyes go stony.

"You know I never would of pegged you as crazy" He says.

"I'm a fucking sociopath bitch" I giggle.

"Jezzabelle that's not positive to say" He says. He get so close to me and kisses me. I bit his lip gripping it hard with my teeth until his metallic blood touch it tongue.

"Bitch what the fuck!" he yells. I giggle again.

"Your blood taste like metal" I say laughing. He stares confused.

"Do you find me attractive Noah?" I ask after I stop my laughter mid way.

"I never stopped" He says as I open my legs widely he straight down. I starts grinding in the chair performing my stripper moves. I see his eyes light up with lust.

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