I wake up to the sound of laughter coming from the kitchen. I stand up and walk to the kitchen to find Annie with chocolate frosting on her face and a doughnut without frosting in Johannah's hand. I started laughing immediately at the sight. Everyone looked at me when they heard me and just laughed even harder.

"Okay, well if we're gonna get our dresses we need to leave now. Come on girls. We'll be back in about 30 minutes," Glimmer says. Me and Annie wave to the three of them as they walk out. I grab one of the doughnuts from the box and start eating.

"I'll go get a shower while you eat breakfast, then we can start on your hair and make-up. Give me about 10 minutes," Annie says and then walks up the stairs. I finished eating my doughnut and ate a second, then walk upstairs to Annie's room. I plugged in the curling wand, knowing Annie was going to want to use it on my hair, and waited on Annie to come from the bathroom down the hall. She came in about 2 minutes later.

"Okay, are you ready to start on your hair?" she asks. I nod. "Well then let's get started." She starts curling my hair, and when she's on the last few curls the girls walk in with their dresses.

"So is Annie doing everyone's hair?" Glimmer asks.

"If you want. And could you do everyone's make-up Glim?" Annie asks.

"Yeah, no problem. Do you want me to do your hair Ann?" Glimmer asks.

"Yeah, and I could do your make-up if you want," Annie says.

"Alright, so who's make-up is getting done first? Clove or Jo?" Glimmer asks. Clove walks over and sits on a stool in front of Glimmer and they get started.

It's about 5:30 by the time everyone is finished. We all decide to put our dresses on, one at a time, and help each other with the masks so as not to mess up the hair or make-up.

"What time are the guys coming?" Jo asks. Clove, Glimmer, and Annie all have dates, because their boyfriends are taking them. Cato is Clove's boyfriend, Marvel is Glimmer's boyfriend, and, of course, Finnick is Annie's boyfriend.

"The ball starts at 6:00, so they should be here any minute now," Clove says. Just then, we hear the doorbell ring. Jo and I walk downstairs, so the girls can make their special appearances for their dates.

"Come on in guys," I say. Finn hugs me as he walks in. That's my brother right there. "The other girls should be coming down any second." Just as I say that, Glimmer comes walking down the stairs and stands by Marvel. Next is Clove, then Annie. All of the guys have let out their 'wows' and Jo speaks up.

"Okay, either we leave now, or I'm gonna go make me some food," she says.

"Then out we go!" Finnick yells in a funny voice. We all get in Marvel's car, since it's the only one that would fit all of us, and off we go to the city hall.

We walk in and the place looks amazing! There are beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. The lights are toned down with only a purple light illuminating the ballroom. Everyone disperses once we reach the inside of the building. Johannah and I decide to stick together though.

"So, what now Brainless?" she asks me.

"I have no idea. I don't really come to these things," I say.

"You think they have food here? I'm hungry since no one let me eat dinner," she says.

"I don't know. You wanna go look?" I ask. I'm not really hungry, but I walk with her anyway. We walk over to a table that holds a variety or beverages and bite-sized snacks. Johannah grabs a small brownie, when someone taps on her shoulder. A guy.

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