The Part You Skip

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Summary: "What's the worst thing you have ever done?"

I stare at him dead in the eyes and answer, "You don't want to know."

~ ~ ~

Isaiah Stone is the newly appointed leader of Segadores Cornesi, a ruthless gang that will stop at nothing to get what they want. Isaiah is quite content with his life; drugs, alcohol, all the women he could possibly need, and a family that must obey his every command. But is this what he really wants? Or has he always wanted something more? More in the form of the mysterious, irritable, man with the strange name Ángel.

Isaiah thrives in drugs and violence. Ángel is artistic, struggling through a law school he never wanted to be in while still making beautiful music. The two do not get along, or rather Ángel does not get along with Isaiah, but something about the man lures Isaiah in like a siren does to the lonely sailor. }

Hey all, so this is Isaiah's (from Made In The Mafia, Bitter Memories, and Take Me Away) story. I felt it was about time to write and publish this one as it tends to be a very popular request and I do enjoy writing about him. This takes place after Made in The Mafia and Bitter Memories, so if you would like to read those two before this to understand a bit better you can, if not it's ok, it isn't going to be confusing without reading them. 

Now the important part. This is going to be on Radish, a serialized fiction app offered on both Andriod and Apple devices. To get access to the newest chapters you will have to go to Radish to read them, and if you'd like to support me and read them right away, you can pay three coins, or wait a week for them to become free. 

I will post the chapters here on Wattpad also, but the updates will take longer, more like every month whereas on Radish it would most likely be every week. 

So if you're interested just search this book or my username in Radish and you'll find the first three chapters there completely free. I would really appreciate the support and I hope you all enjoy the book.

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