Dudes Do Not Lie To Their Best Friends

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I'm jolted awake by the ringing of my phone, slightly disorientated and confused

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I'm jolted awake by the ringing of my phone, slightly disorientated and confused. The ringing ceases and I glance around the room. V's head is resting on my chest, her steady breathing indicates that she's still asleep. The DVD menu for Iron Man 2 is on constant replay. I must've fallen asleep too, I don't remember. Our Chinese take out containers are on my night stand, next to my phone.

The ringing starts up again, and I know someone really wants to speak to me. I don't want to wake V, so I try to tilt my body, sliding her head off my chest and onto my bed. I reach over her to grab my phone from the stand, disconnecting it from the charger. My heart rate instantly speeds up when I read the name on the screen. I slide the green icon over, then place the phone to my ear. "What's up man?" I ask nonchalantly, playing it cool.

"I'm out front." is all Vance says.

Everything comes crashing down around me, the air kicked out of my lungs. "Be right down." I say automatically, the instant click comes through the line.

"Who's that?" V whispers as she turns onto her back. I glance down at her beautiful face, her eyes slightly squinty from sleep.

"Vance is here."

Her eyes widen at my response, wide awake now. "What? No, No!"

"It'll be okay." I kiss her forehead, and move off the bed towards the door. I move swiftly down the stairs, skipping steps and I can make out Vance's form as I approach the front door. Taking a deep breath, I open the door and Vance stalks through without saying a word. He walks into the living room, just off the foyer, leaving me standing there with the open door. I run through my options, but I know there are none. It's time to come clean.

I give a swift push on the door before I turn away and make my entrance to the living area, the door clicks shut behind me.  Vance is facing the fireplace, his back to me, and I allow him to gather his thoughts. After a few seconds, which feel like minutes, he turns around. His eyes instantly connect with mine, and they're not friendly.

"Why is V's car out front?" he asks but doesn't wait for me to answer before firing off another question, "Is she here?"

"Yes." I answer, no point in lying.

"VERONICA!" He screams loudly and unexpectedly, it makes me jump a bit.

I remain quiet but from my position but I can see her moving down the stairs cautiously. When she reaches the middle, a small creak emits from her steps, and Vance's head shoots her way. His eyes widen, almost as if he was hoping it wasn't true, then his eyes harden. She stops on that step, hesitant to move into the room.

 A laugh of incredibility escapes him, "Yanno, I ran into Shannon tonight." My eyes move back to Vance, remembering that we did see her at China House earlier. I close my eyes, damn. I didn't think they'd run into each other, or that she'd say anything. Vance continues talking, "She mentioned seeing you two together, and I had no idea what she meant. Because I swear you," I opened my eyes to see him pointing to V, "were with Taylor, and YOU," he points at me now, "We're off with your girlfriend, Nic." he put emphasis on the word, girlfriend. "But she kept mentioning how you guys were together. I mean, I thought no way. She's mistaken. There's no way my best friend and my own sister would be hooking up behind my back. No way." he scoffs. "I guess I'm wrong. Cause here you guys are, together." He pauses, and we both remain quiet. I glance at V just as she looks at me. "Right?" he yells again, his yelling makes her jump.

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