LIFE HACKS || things you are doing wrong

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1) On SnapChat instead of moving your text where you want it

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1) On SnapChat instead of moving your text where you want it. Tap where you want to place it before typing in your text.

2) Wash your clothes inside out because that is where all your sweat and the part that touches your body. So you want that part clean. :)

3) Keep the what packets that say "Do not eat" in foods or new backpacks. Use those instead of rice when you dropped your phone in water and want to take out the water from your phone.

4) Instead of using the space bar to pause a YouTube video use the letter K. Sometimes when you use the space bar it would scroll down to the comments section, but if you use K it works a lot better.

5) Instead of typing an email address then what you need to say first, you should type what you want to say before typing in the email address. This is better so you won't accidentally send a weird email to someone


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