Get Away

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Jades POV
I saw a glimpse of what could be a person. I backed up more into the cave. I was terrified. My heart beat so hard I swear you could hear it echo through the cave. They probably caught up with me, and are here looking for me. The figure hides behind a tree, but I still can't make out who it is. My kidnappers would storm into the cave and find me... this couldn't be them... what if it was my savior... what if it was Jasmine... I got up and started walking towards the edge when I heard "we found you little rat." In the most sheer grimacing voice. I dropped to my knees and went white pale due to the scene ahead of me... they grabbed my sister... Jasmine...

Jasmines POV
A sharp pain was inflicted upon my shoulder, as the nails of the person dug into my skin. I screamed not knowing what to do. They said something about me being a rat. I thought about my sister and how she could be 3 feet away from my grasp.i looked to the cave seeing nothing. I knew she was there I just knew it. The moonlight grew as the person who grabbed my shoulder started pushing me and grabbing my hair. He got me about 3feet away from my original hiding spot. I got a sudden flash of bravery, and I turned around and punched the guy who was holding me straight in the jaw. I didn't know what to do I stood there in front of him as he wallowed on the ground. I looked around and saw the cave once again. I ran as fast as I could to the cave and dived in. The moment I went in i had noticed I had a huge gash in the side of my leg. My head hit the ground and my breathing quickened. Suddenly I sat up when I heard something it sounded like crying. Like a child that lost something or the wind on your window. My eyes adjusted to the darkness of the cave, and I saw my sister crying and saying.
"not Jasmine, don't touch her don't touch her."

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