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@TaranMatharu is the author of 'Summoner' a fantasy/adventure story. He has also written a guide on tips to make it big on Wattpad called -- 'How to get to #1 on Wattpad - HInts and Tips' ! The link to this guide is provided in the external link!



1. What do they call you?

A. Taran Matharu

2. For how long have you been writing?

 A. 12 years, on and off.

3. Which part of writing a story, do you enjoy the most? (Creating characters, the plot and the subplots, the beginning/ending or the middle)

A. I definitely prefer the first part of writing a book more, when you get deeper it is harder to stitch everything together. World building is my favourite aspect of writing. That's why I don't think I could ever write a novel that isn't fantasy or science fiction to some extent.

4. Have you faced any embarrassing moments, in terms of writing?

A. I've definitely had some horrendous typos! Being British, I often spell certain words differently (but correctly in British English). A lot of my American readers will comment telling me I spelled it wrong, but unfortunately I have to stick with my native tongue!

5. Which is your favorite color? Have you made any reference to it in your story/stories?

A. The main demon in my book Summoner is burgundy coloured. That's because my favourite colour is Burgundy! (Notice how I wrote coloured not colored ;D )?

6. Out of the stories you have written on Wattpad, which is the most memorable one?

A. Summoner is definitely the most memorable, if only because it is the furthest I have ever gotten with any books and has been given the most attention!

7. Are you planning on publishing soon?

A. Yes! I will finish Summoner and then approaching publishers and agents. If that isn't successful, I will self publish.

8. Which is your favorite book/series on Wattpad?

A. I'm cowriting a book called Project Aspire with some other Wattpad authors. It's a lot of fun and I think it's pretty decent! Check it out if you get a chance :).

9. What kind of help do you provide - critiques, free advice or editing?

A. I give free advice, but I don't have the time to do anything more than that! When Summoner is finished....maybe. 

10. Which author do you idolize (off Wattpad)?

A. I idolise Terry Pratchett. Our writing styles and themes are nothing alike but the world he has created is so intricate and his characters are so unique!

11. If you were a newbie, which part of the story would you focus on most?

A. The beginning and the world building. A problem most authors have is that they think of this awesome world and an awesome character but forget that there needs to be an awesome story in the midst of it all. Characters simply wandering through the world and experiencing it simply isn't good enough! 

12. Which is your favorite character (off Wattpad) ?

A. Rincewind from the Diskworld novels. 

13. If you were given a choice to become one character (of your story posted on Wattpad) which one would you be and why?

A. The character Seraph from my novel on Summoner is actually based on me, but his life is far more interesting! I would definitely love to be him.

14. Do you prefer dark romance or the usual?

A. I like a will they won't they Romance, like in the Office!

15. Where do you look for your inspiration?

A. Video games, films and other books I guess! Mostly I ask myself what kind of book I would like to read, then I write it!

16. What’s your favorite TV show?

A. Definitely The Office. Pam and Jim, what would I do without you?

17. Do you prefer more reads, votes or comments?

A. Comments, for sure. It can be really frustrating when someone tells you they really like your book etc but never vote, it's just so easy for them to do and helps so much!

18. Imagine the world is collapsing around you, what would you choose to save – technology or books?

A. Technology for sure...but only because that would mean e-books would still be around ;).

19. What is the best advice you have given and received?

A. I was once told to write what you love, not what is popular at the moment. I could have written a zombie novel, or a teen vampire novel. But I didn't...I wrote Summoner :).

The best advice I can give to someone is that the story comes first, the characters second and the world building third. Very often, it goes the opposite way, simply because its more fun that way! But if you are serious about your writing, try and prioritise the story.

20. Any extra tips for our young writers?

A. Reading is the best and funnest way to learn how to write. Look at the way writers transition from sentence to sentence, how the punctuate speech, how their story arcs progress. 


I hope you'll enjoyed the interview :) !

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