Citrine Dimension

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Strange looked at Wong. "Could you repeat that one more time?"

"Mordo is in the citrine dimension."

"What's the citrine dimension?" John asked.

Strange then glanced over at John, working to control his own heart rate. Damn, I'm starting to lose it. "The citrine dimension is a color frequency dimension. It is a disorientating place, full of deception. Everything is citrine colored. A person's voice can become lost forever by disturbing its fragile facets. Oh, god, John, I can't take you there."

John stepped in front of him. "You can't stop me. Wong and I are coming with you."

"No, someone needs to stay here. Wong, you will come with me and John will stay."

John laid a hand on his arm. "Strange, you're not making sense. Wong is more equipped to guard the sanctum and I am more equipped to guard you."

"I don't need guarding and besides you have no idea what the citrine dimension could do to you, John. You could be fused into a crystalline structure forever, or your essence could be transformed into a frequency that no one could hear—just a blip on some observatory satellite."

Strange shivered when John took his arm. "Then we shall be frozen in amber together, like fossils."

He fixed his red eyes on John, wanting to unburden himself. His heart, loins, and head ached—ached for him. An intense wave of longing swept over him, making him sway. "I can't fight you both. Let's go. Wong take care and if the worse should happen, you know what to do."

Wong nodded. "We'll seal off the dimension."

"What do you mean, seal off the dimension?" John asked.

Strange smiled. "You and I would be sealed in the citrine dimension forever." He flushed when John smiled back.

"Well, I guess that means that we would be fossils trapped in amber. You know that shit sells for big bucks."

"Big bucks? Could it be that my American vernacular is rubbing off on you?" Strange teased.

John stepped into his personal space. "Vernacular huh? Well, sure Strange, I think rubbing off is a perfectly sound analysis. I rub off on you, then you rub off on me, then back and forth. That's what friends do, rub off on each other, right?"

Strange smirked, then a wave of dizziness assailed him. "John, are you sure you want to do this?"

John leaned in closer to him. "You had me at hello. Now, let's go."


John watched Strange move his hands in a circular motion, then a red vortex appeared and they both jumped in. He felt his chest tighten. The thoracic muscles squeezed tighter and tighter, until he began to panic. I'm suffocating. I'm being buried alive.

"John, take my hand, you're okay. I'm with you. Breathe, John. I have you in my arms."

He opened his eyes, looking into Strange's red ones, amber light outlined his silhouette, accentuating Strange's perfect body. "Strange, it's time to stop playing. We've danced long enough." Then he laced his fingers around Strange's occipital lobe, bringing his face down to his own level. He nipped at his lower lip, surprised when Strange granted him immediate access. His mouth salivated when he wrapped his tongue around Strange's. It was thick and tasted wonderful— sweet and salty. Oh, god, I'm mouth fucking Strange. This thought spread to his lower extremities like a relentless forest fire. He pressed his hardening length into Strange's thigh, unable to control his thrusting pelvis. Jesus, I'm going to come and he hasn't even touched me. "Strange...," he moaned, pulling his mouth away, so they could each catch their breath. "Strange, I need you. What do you want? I'll do anything." He moaned again when amber light shone on a patch of shinning salvia that clung to Strange's lips. "Fuck....

"John, we can't, not here. It's too dangerous."

"I don't care if we die in each other's arms."


He took a deep breath. God, I'm feel like an animal in heat. I don't want to hurt him. I would be his first, as a man anyway. God, that's hot. "Strange, you must think I'm an animal."

"No, John, I want you too. When all this is over my body is yours. You can feast on it."

His heart pounded at the thought of rimming his beautiful sorcerer, but he'd have to settle for another kiss. "Kiss me, Strange."

Strange's lips met his own and they began to consume each other again.

The sound of Mordo's clapping hands broke them apart. "So, Strange has lost his heart at last. How fitting that you should both be encased in the citrine dimension for eternity. Strange can have his unnatural lover, Doctor John Watson."

John stepped forward. "So, you're a bigot as well as an asshole."

Mordo laughed in his face. "It appears that Master Strange has not told you everything, then?"

John looked at Strange. "What's he talking about?" When Strange didn't answer, he turned to Mordo. "What's he talking about?"

Mordo smiled. "I'm not speaking of your affection for one another. I'm referring to his act of stopping time to save you. When you first met and your carotid artery became damaged, you bled out and died. Strange used the eye of agamotto to rewind time to save you."

John looked over at Strange. "I died?"

Strange didn't meet his eyes. "Well, almost, not exactly, not really...Yes, you bled out in my arms."

"Jesus, Strange, why?"

A tear slid down Strange's cheek. "Because you had me at hello."

John swallowed. "You should have told me."

Strange took his hand. "I tried, but there never seemed to be an opportune time."

They both turned when they heard Mordo speak. "Strange, I have come to do what I swore to do. I have sworn that I would hunt out and kill all the sorcerers after I found out that the Ancient One used power from the dark dimension to keep herself alive, but I'm not heartless. If it's John Watson you want, then you shall have him. You will live out your days here, then after you both breathe your last, your bodies will be encased in the citrine dimension for all time—a lesson to all those that would dare to defy the natural order of things."

John watched, while Strange begged. "Please, Mordo, let John go. You can have me just let him go."

Mordo shook his head. "Sorry, Strange, you have nothing to bargain with. Good-bye." Then he raised his hands up, sealing them in their amber tomb.

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