Chapter Two.

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My head swims as I come to, confusion gripping me when I roll over, pushing myself up off of the carpet. My body aches and I pull out my phone, sliding the unlock when I notice the time and date.

"What in the hell?" I mutter. It's been a whole day? It was around supper time when I'd come up here, and now it was almost dinner time again.

I pull my hair up into a bun and go to the door when I hear the soft knock.

"Come on, Rose." Octavia whispers. "You've got to be hungry by now. You don't plan to live in that room for the rest of your life do you?" I crack the door, the light from the hallway hurting my sensitive eyes. Octavia's large eyes widen even more, taking up all of the space on her face. "You were still sleeping? Are you alright?"

I nod, sliding out past her and take the stairs two at a time, Octavia following behind me.

I made my way through the house, going down into the renovated basement to find my mom, dad, and Logan all sitting around the dining table speaking quietly until they saw me.

"Rosie." Dad sighs, a smile on his face, but I ignore him, looking over at mom instead. She starts to smile too until she takes in the look that must be on my face and she frowns.

I was angry, annoyed, and ready to stop being lied to.

"So you told me the whole truth, huh?" I put my hands on my hips, then realizing how dramatic that looks I cross my arms instead, holding mom's gaze.

She pulls her brows together, a small crease between them and glances slightly to dad who shrugs. "I did." She nods. "I told you, we didn't want to keep anything from you."

I had to give it to her, she genuinely looks confused, but I knew she had to be lying.

"Oh really?" I counter. "Is that why you decided to not tell me that Grandpa is a vampire too? You told me he was dead."

Mom's mouth fell open while everyone else looks at me like I'm a crazy person who escaped the loony bin. "Rosebud..." Logan mutters quietly and carefully, speaking in a voice like he isn't trying to spook a wild horse or something. "What are you talking about? Your mom never knew your grandad."

I tilt my head at him, silently calling his bluff.

"Seriously." Mom nods, standing up from her chair and brushing the sides of her blue dress down. "Why would you think he was a vampire?"

I back up, pursing my lips into a hard line. "So I'm supposed to believe it's just a coincidence that you all are vampires and your dad just happened to be one too and you never knew?" I roll my eyes at their expressions. "How stupid do you all think I am? I thought we were done with the lies."

Dad stands too, not bothering to push his chair in as he walks over to me, putting a hand on my shoulder. "Rose, why do you think your grandfather was a vampire?" He asks seriously "Did someone say something to you? Because it isn't true." I could tell in his voice that he was concerned for me, so I start to wonder if I'd gotten it wrong somehow.

My heartrate accelerates and I know they can all hear it. Dad brushes his hand up and down my arm comfortingly, like he's always done. "I-I-I..." I try to form the words to come clean, but how do you come out to your family that you've been getting visions for years and never got around to telling them? "I saw it." I whisper.

"Saw it?" Octavia asks from the doorway.

I walk over to the couch in the adjoining room and plop down in the middle, Logan and dad flanking me on either side while mom stands in front of the recliner and tilts her head at me.

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