Mother In Law

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Sophia's Pov: 

As soon as I could stand on my feet, a strict order was given to bring me to her room. My mother in law wanted to have a word with me and I have to admit that I feared her. We both just underwent a surgery. She needed a kidney transplant and I was her donor. She never treated well, never considered me as her own daughter but my father raised me right. He taught me to respect my elderly and help them as much as possible.

My mother in law, or as she preferred to be called Mrs.Williams hated how I was forced into their lives. She said that I am not worth it, that I was too common for her son's taste even though my family is equally rich. She rejected me at first sight and made sure to mock every word I utter and ridicule every action of mine.

She fell sick two months ago and her kidneys lately shut down. Her High blood pressure in the tiny blood vessels to the kidney lead to damage and prevents the filtering process from working properly. 

She is somehow a stranger to me so I won't lie and say that I was devastated when I heard such news. It was just a little bit saddening. Yet when I saw how my usually calm forced husband reacted, I knew that I had to take actions. I mean he was yelling at his employees all day through his phone, his girlfriend seemed to be either scared as hell or careless of him because she literally vanished.

When I heard that all of his family are taking test to see if they can or cannot be perfect donors, I went to the hospital, tested myself as they did and  surprise surprise I was a perfect fit. Mrs Williams doubted my intentions but was struck to hear my only request.

"I don't want Axel to find out that I am donor. At least not until all is done" I strictly said and her blue eyes doubled in size, was she expecting me to ask for money or her son's love ? 

"Why? Axel loves me and will look at you differently if I ask him to." The old woman spoke in shock

"I simply don't want him. Living with him was not a choice of mine and after few years he certainly ask for a divorce so why get attached to him while he is already taken ?" I argued knowing that nothing good will come out of my forcefully arranged wedding

"So you have no other request?" The old woman repeated and I nodded at her

"You are one strange soul Sophia." she commented and for the first time smiled at me in an approving way.

Sitting on a wheeled chair, I was taken to Mrs. Williams room. I don't know why she asked for me, or why she couldn't wait for us to go out of the hospital so we can talk. I mean she is used to visiting Axel whenever her heart pleases. Different sorts of scenarios started to play in my mind...What did I get myself into?

Room 321, the door opened slowly and the bright lights coming from the inside blinded me. I took a minute to get used to the light after being brought along the dark corridors. The faces in the room were very well known by me; My mother in law, My brother in law, and My husband. All eyes were directed at me, all cold and questioning but the blue eyes of Mitchell, my brother in law, best friend and rock.

"Phia you did it! thank you." He said rushing to hug me like a kid and I couldn't help but giggle his endless "thank you"

"I did what I had to do Mitchy." I replied as he freed me and ruffled my hair 

"Mitchell, leave the girl alone. She still looks tired." My mother in law order surprising us all

"No one thanked her and she deserves to be thanked and appreciated. I am doing what should have been done by you." Mitchy's blaming words rolled of his lips with ire and his eyes were set on his brother's figure especially.

"Sophia." My mother in law called ignoring her son's tantrum " I need you to move in to the mansion with me." she declared and I wanted to say no but my voice seemed to get lost. I was surprised, shook, hell I thought that I was hallucinating.

"Why?" was all I could utter 

"It is an order." My mother in law's authoritative voice  filled the room and my eyes connected with Axel's as if asking for help but I found him smirking at me. Well, he will surly celebrate such news with his girl latter on while I rot in hell. 

"All mother's orders must be followed." Axel commented in an amused tone as if mocking me 

"Axel you are moving in with her too." His mother announced and at that moment Mitchell broke in laughter 

"No, I am not. I have a girlfriend. You know her Liza, a blonde girl, with wavy hair and bright green eyes? She lives with me in my room. I cannot just abandon her." Axel fired at his mum and I kind of nodded supporting his argument

"As you said Axel, orders must be followed and since now you and your wife are moving in with us." His mother roared in finality. It amazes me how an old woman like her still rules over every little detail in her sons lives.

"We are going to live together. The three musketeers " Mitchy sang and once again hugged me earning a small smile from me, a growl from Axel and face palm from his mum

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