Chapter 7: John

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575th sol- 11:06

After we were told that we wouldn't be going, I was absolutely pissed! I had walk out of the Commanders office and went to the punching bag in the back of the weight room. I stayed there until around 19:00 then went back to the hanger.

The ship was right there and I had my plan. I loved ships and knew almost everything about the ships in the fleet. I was lucky because the ship transporting the group to Pluto was a TX-560 troop transport. It could hold up to 100 troops and had 29 fighters. There was a design flaw that was discovered but never fixed. Under a panel on the port side towards the cockpit. That is where I decided I'd hide.

575th sol- 22:27

I went to the commons and was filling a bag. I put cloths, food, flashlight, flares, and more into my backpack. I was about to walk out and go hide when I looked at the clock. I decided that I had enough time to leave a note. I thought of who I should write it and it was easy to decide. Rachel. I scribbled down a quick note and slid it under her door, then I went to the hanger.

576th sol- 00:17

I was waking up the hanger and walked to the ship and opened the door. The inside was open with seats lining each wall. There were shelves above the seats and compartments under the them.

I walked to the port side and knocked on the floor. I had decided that I might not be the only one doing this and it's easier to just walk away if someone's already in there. No one answered so I popped the hatch up and jumped in. I slid the trap door back over my head and the world went black.

I cracked the glow stick in my hand and it set off a soft green glow. I set my stuff down and settled in.

The Exos hadn't figured out light speed the last time we battled and I doubt they have yet, otherwise Ceres would have been over run by now.....

I bet they're trying to use the ships on the base to figure out light speed..... That will end badly if that's what they're doing.

576th sol- 6:29

I could hear the count-down in the cockpit and the soldiers strapping in to their seats. The Panthers were all talking excitedly while the adult voices that I assumed belong to the professional squads, were talking seriously but I couldn't make out what they were saying.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, LIFTOFF!

With that, I held on as tight as possible to make sure I didn't get hurt. Then I started to float and knew we had broken the atmosphere. With that, I went to sleep.

578th sol- 5:30

I woke up to the sound of movement above my head. I glanced at my armband and was surprised that I had slept almost 24 hours. The whole ship seemed to be awake. I could hear people running around and overheard snippets of conversations. One I heard said that we still couldn't find the base. another said that the Exos had been confirmed. the only thing consistent was that we couldn't reach Pluto.

I just sat back and listened.....

578th sol- 9:27

"We're here everyone....." Came a muffled voice from above. "It doesn't look good...."

The tone of whoever said that worried me and if we really were there, it wouldn't matter if I was found since people at the base would have noticed so I grabbed my bag and pushed up on the trap door. There was a collective intake of breath, then everyone started talking at once.

"It's John!!"

"What's he doing here?"

"Where'd he come from?"

"JOHN!!! COME. HERE. NOW!!!" Said the Sargent in-charge.

"Yes sir?" I asked as he led me to a corner.

"What do you think you're doing?!?!?!?!" He hissed at me.

"Sir, I thought you could use the extra help." I said, looking him straight in the eyes.

"Who assigned you?!"

"No one sir..." I responded.

"You WILL follow every order given to you and when we get back, you be severely punished , got it?!" He said, emphasizing his 'will'.

"Yes sir." I said, still looking him the eye. He looked like he wanted to say more but the ship rocked to the side and the wall rattled.

"SIR!!!" Yelled one of the pilots. "Pluto is shooting at us!!!" Then he went to his coms, "Pluto base, this is shuttle 11, cease fire!!! Repeat, cease fire!!!"

"Soldiers, to your fighters!!!" Yelled the Sargent. Then he turned to me. "There is are 5 extra fighters, 2 need to stay for the pilots, You have choice between 27, 28, and 29."

"I'll take 27 sir. Don't worry, I can watch out for myself." I responded with a grin as I took the starboard hall to my fighter. I jumped into the cockpit that sat in the floor and took off.....


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