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Jacks POV
I hear my ma shout my name from downstairs to come to breakfast I really don't want to go to school tomorrow I always get beat up because of my stupid accent but if they ever found out my other secret they would all get hurt.
I put on my grey cap over my bright green hair I dyed it last year but now it is so neon that I couldn't miss it in the darkest night

Time skip to when Sean goes to school

As I walk into school I spot a bright red floof
amongst all the students I rush to class to sit in my seat but get pushed into the lockers hard
"Where do you think your going nerd" the school bully spits out at me "I-i was j-just g-going to t-tutor " he slapped me and pulled my hair "owe your hurting me , stop please !" I was at the verge of crying but managed to stop myself as he would only hurt me further "well what you gonna do about it nerd!" Just as he was about to hit me again the tutor warning bell rang. "Your lucky nerd the bell has saved your pathetic life!"
I just wanted to run away so no one would be able to hurt me anymore . I sunk down into the floor and didn't even care about the other students staring and walking past me
So that was the first chapter what do you think is it good because Fluttershyiskiller said that I would be good at it


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