Back to Reality

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There is some sexy time in this chapter, I will warn you for those who want to skip it. Don't forget to vote! 

Chase leaves me standing in the bathroom, I allow myself to peek at the barely there bikini

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Chase leaves me standing in the bathroom, I allow myself to peek at the barely there bikini. Freakin' Taylor. I'm slightly disappointed at the restraint Chase had, but he's made it clear that he didn't make this about sex. I internally laugh at myself, I'm such a contradiction. Part of me wanted him to not be able to keep his hands off me, and the other part is grateful for his respect. I sigh, then decide to take a quick shower. I reach into the shower and turn the handle to hot then untie my bikini, peeling it off my skin and hang it on the hook behind the door.

I step under the stream of hot water and allow it to bead down my body. To the right is a small inset tiled box, a small basket with little wrapped soaps and bottles sits on the ledge. The soaps are in an array of colors, and look like flowers, I decide on a pink one. As soon as I rip open the clear wrapping, the smell of roses engulfs the shower. Rubbing the soap between my hands under the water, I get a good lather and begin rubbing my body. My arms, my shoulders, down to my chest, over my stomach, and lower. I do this without thought, because my mind is elsewhere. I wash my hair with the provided shampoo and conditioner, thinking about how perfect this evening was. It would have been even better without the news of his deployment. It would have been pure bliss actually.

Ugh. His deployment scares me, for numerous reasons, a million questions plague my thoughts. What if he's gone for another year? What if he meets someone else? What if he gets hurt? Or worse, What if he doesn't return..alive? I don't even want to think of that scenario. The tears blur my vision, and my heart hurts. I rub at my chest, not that it helps relieve the pain I'm feeling. I want to curl up in his arms and never leave them. With that thought, I turn the water off and open the curtain. I grab the white towel that's hanging on the rack and wrap it around my body, pulling another one off to wrap around my wet hair. I take my time drying off, and subconsciously imagine they're Chase's hands moving over my body. His hands, what they could do to me, and what they've done.

I wonder if Taylor packed any sexy underwear in my bag. I bite my lip in thought and move towards my bag on the sink counter top. For once, I hope Taylor was thinking of sex because I am now. As soon as I have the bag open, I search through the contents, moving clothing to the side until my hand touches something soft, with a lace texture. A large smile spreads upon my lips, and I pull out the underwear. They're black lacy boy shorts, a small bow on the back. I look back in the bag for a bra or top but I see a black box with gold lettering. Magnum. I lift the box out of the bag and laugh. Condoms. A dark blue box grabs my attention, this one reads, Pleasure Pack. I laugh and shake my head, Oh my gawd Tay. But I'm silently thanking her in this moment then dive back into the bag looking for a top. I feel the lace before I see it, as the black blends with the bag. I pull it out and stretch it out in front of me, it looks like a halter but has a small keyhole area between the boobs, it's all lace. Thankfully, It's simple to put on, I place it around my neck and snap it in the back like a bra. It's sexy as hell and makes my boobs look amazing. I'm giddy with excitement, or maybe it's nerves, I can't wait to see Chase's face. I step into the boy shorts and turn to look at my butt. I smile at how great these make my butt look. I feel sexy.

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