Chapter 1

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"Beca can we talk?" Chloe called from the living room when Beca got home from the studio that night.

"What about?" Beca asked as she slipped her combat boots off and climbed over the couch to sit on Chloe's lap.

"Baby please don't freak out on me. I'm serious about this," Chloe said seriously as she turned to face her girlfriend.

"Oh my god are you breaking up with me?" Beca asked barely above a whisper.

"No, oh my god," Chloe said. "Beca listen, I want to foster a child."

"Really?" Beca asked excitedly.

"You're happy about this? You want to?" Chloe smiled.

"Chloe of course," the brunette smiled at her girlfriend. "Babe you know I was in foster care when I was a teenager, I want more than anything to give a kid a good life."

Chloe smiled threw her arms around the smaller girl. "I'm so happy babe. I know we're young, but I want to have kids with you one day, so this is the first step."

Beca nodded with a smile. "On one condition though babe."

"Hmm?" Chloe hummed, questioning Beca.

"We pick randomly. I don't want to pick and choose the kid like they're an animal."

"Yeah, of course," Chloe smiled. "Should we go for dinner and then come back and figure this out?"

Beca nodded and stood up from the couch and Chloe followed. "It's been a long day," she sighed as they got in the car. "Chipotle?" She asked as she began driving.

Chloe nodded as she turned on the music. "Finals are coming up," she sighed. "There's so much stuff to prepare the kids for." Chloe's a high school English teacher in their town, and while she worked less than Beca, there were times where she was busier than others, and now was one of those times.

"You're gonna be busy as fuck," Beca said knowingly as she put her hand on Chloe's thigh. "I'll help you grade papers and things."

"You're the best," Chloe smiled. "How was work?"

"It was fine," Beca shrugged. "I got a track done, finally."

"Ooh who for?" Chloe asked excitedly.

"That's confidential information, m'lady," Beca smirked.

"Beca come on! I'm your girlfriend for Christ's sakes!" The redhead whined, knowing Beca would eventually tell her. "You've told me every other one. You even let me meet Vance Joy!"

"The Weeknd," Beca said with a laugh.

"Oh my gosh!" Chloe squealed. "Babe that's awesome!"

"Thanks," Beca smiled.


"Okay," Beca said as she opened her laptop and sat down on the couch next to Chloe. "First kid that comes up is ours, alright?"

"Alright," Chloe agreed as Beca typed in the agency's website.

She clicked on kids available to foster and the first one that came up was a teenage girl. "Melanie Banks," Beca smiled. "She's 14 and has only been in the system 3 months."

"Babe she's a teenager," Chloe sighed.


"We're 23 and 26 babe, we're young enough to be her sisters."

"She needs this just as much as younger kids do, maybe even more," Beca said. "I was lucky, my dad agreed to get me into Barden. I'd probably be on the streets without that."

"Can we even handle a teenager?" Chloe asked hesitantly.

"Yes of course," Beca said seriously. "Chloe please, she needs this. I needed it when I was her age."

"If its this important to you-"

"It is," Beca confirmed.

"Then we'll do it," Chloe smiled at her extremely excited girlfriend.

Beca picked up her phone and called the number under the girl's name. "Hi, I'm calling about Melanie Banks, me and my girlfriend want to foster her."

"Okay, can I get your names please?" The woman asked.

"I'm Rebeca Mitchell and my girlfriend is Chloe Beale," Beca replied.

"Okay. Can I get an email address so I can send the information. You will need to come down to the city hall to sign some forms tomorrow. We'll be doing background checks this evening and you'll be able to take her home tomorrow. We'll be doing a house inspection tomorrow as well. You'll also meet her social worker."

"Okay," Beca agreed happily. "We'll see you tomorrow."

She hung up with a huge smile and threw her arms around Chloe. "We're gonna save her," she smiled, her eyes filling with tears.

"We are," Chloe returned the smile. "Are you crying, Bec?"

"I was in the system for four years and I never found anyone who could help me. Babe we could be saving this girl's life. We're giving her a loving home."

Chloe smiled. "I'm so happy babe."

"Can we please go or and get her a bunch of stuff right now? All we have is a bed in the spare bedroom. We should get her some new sheets and we need to get her a desk and a dresser for her clothes and-"

"Yeah, we'll go to Ikea," Chloe said, standing up from the couch and pulling her girlfriend up with her. "Are you nervous?"

"No," Beca shrugged. "I'm really happy, Chlo. This girl is going to be happy for once, and that's because of us. That's an amazing feeling."


"Melanie, your social worker is here," the leader of the group home she was in said as she walked into the bedroom Melanie shared with 3 other girls.

Melanie nodded and climbed down from her top bunk before heading into the living room. "Hi Mrs. Thompson," she said with a small smile to her social worker as she sat down on the couch.

"Hi Melanie," Katy Thompson replied with a smile. "Honey I finally found you a home," she smiled.

"Permanent?" Melanie asked hesitantly.

"Well temporary, but they seem really sweet and really excited to meet you," the woman smiled.

"Are they....homophobic?" The girl asked nervously. "I don't want to be forced out for the same reason my parents kicked me out."

"I'm pretty sure they're gay," Katy laughed. "The woman on the phone kept referring to her partner as her girlfriend."

Melanie smiled at this. "What are their names?"

"Rebeca and Chloe," Katy said. "So I'm going to pick you up at 8 am tomorrow and you'll meet them at the city hall, sound good?"

"Yeah, should I start packing my things?" Melanie asked and her social worker nodded.

"I'll see you tomorrow honey," Katy smiled as she stood up. "Make sure to shower and look presentable."

Melanie nodded before she left. She went back to her room and laid down on her bed. She pulled out her phone and put in her headphones before finding twenty one pilots and pressing play. She just needed a few minutes to wrap her head around the situation before getting ready for tomorrow. She might finally be happy.

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