"He's never going to like me....." Julian said laughing as he took Jeremy's abandon seat. "Look I just want us to be friends, I don't feel that way about you anymore.... as I said before me and Kendall are back on track and I wanna try to make things work with her. So Que can we be friends at the very least?" Julian asked and I just sat there looking at him.

"Nah I'm good, but we can be acquaintance if I see you I'll acknowledge you but as far as us being friends go you've put me through too much to consider us friends." I said and even that little bit made Julian smile.

"Aight well as your acquaintance how about this, I know you're young and you can't buy drinks so let me go get you something, anything you want....." Julian said and I thought about it for a second, fuck it I'm trying to have a good time and if he was buying..... A few tequila shots later me and Julian were sitting at the table laughing at what happened over Winter Break.

"Honestly your little girlfriend was about to get beat the fuck up if she would've kept pushing up on Carlos." I said laughing even though I was dead serious.

"Well I can't lie that nigga Papi is sexy so I don't fine it hard to believe that Kendall would try to push up on him. I heard Gavin and Jayden fought....." Julian said laughing.

"Yeah and I beat that niggas ass...." Jayden said walking over to the table. "Wassup Quinton fancy seeing you here oh shyt is that tequila?" He said grabbing the bottle. I knew if Jayden was here Gio wasn't too far away and if Gio was here then so was Carlos. I got up to go look for Jeremy, after searching all over this place I found him walking out the bathroom with his clothes a mess.

"Jeremy please tell me you didn't......" I said looking at the guilty look in his eyes.

"I couldn't help it." Jeremy said smirking as Gio walked out the bathroom buttoning up his shirt.

"Baby we really need to get outta here so tell your little friend goodbye because he might not see you until class on Monday." Gio said picking Jeremy up and throwing him over his shoulder. "You don't mind riding back with Jayden do you?" Gio said more like a statement than a question. I shrugged and Gio walked away with Jeremy mouthing 'I'm sorry' and winking. I walked over to Jayden and Julian deciding since Jeremy was leaving there was no point in me being here. I got back to the table and Jayden was gone, I really hoped his goofy ass didn't leave me.

"Oh word are they still together right now....." Julian asked looking at me. "Aight I'll tell him send me the pictures. Ayy Quinton I don't know if I should tell you this but from what I'm hearing Papi got some nigga at his parents house and from what this bitch I know is telling me they've been in there for a while........." Julian said and I looked at him skeptically. "What you don't believe me... here she just sent me the pictures." Julian said showing me pictures of Carlos standing outside his parents house with his ex boyfriend Malik.....

I couldn't tell you what happened in the time it took to get from the club to Carlos's parents house mainly because my mind was swirling with all sorts of different scenarios. When we pulled up Jayden looked slightly amused by the whole situation until I told him to go get Carlos because I didn't trust myself not to cuss his ass out and I didn't want to disrespect his parents like that. After waiting in the car for almost twenty minutes Carlos walked out shirtless and I bit back a retort as he slid in the passenger seat, his eyes tinkled with humor as he looked at me waiting.

"Remember what I asked you earlier..... right before I jumped out a fuckin plane for you?" Carlos asked. "I asked you if you trusted me, so trust me when I tell you NOTHING happened with Malik, who left right before you got here because I knew you'd be pissed and I don't what that drama at my mom's house. But he wanted to talk and at first I was going to ignore him until he brought you up......"

"So that bitch ass dude was talking about me? He doesn't even know anything about me to want to discuss shyt with you Carlos..... so that was some bullshyt that you fell for and why are you shirtless?" I said looking out the window.

"Because my niece decided my shirt was the perfect place to throw up..... which happened right before I walked out the door. As for what Malik wanted to tell me about you is that your little boyfriend that you were having drinks with earlier is still obsessing over you. I find it hilarious that you didn't connect the dots, don't you think it's strange that Julian showed up at the exact bar you and Jeremy were at and he just so happened to have a friend in this neighborhood that saw me at the exact time Malik showed up?" Carlos said and when he laid it out like that.......

"So how did you know I was out with Jeremy?" I asked changing the subject.

"Because my bro Gio is a stalker, he followed after Jeremy the second he left that house..... I swear Jeremy put a spell on my boy, I've never seen Gio so addicted to someone the way he is with Jeremy. Then again I'm the same way with you so I can't really say too much......" Carlos said looking me in the eyes.

"I'm sorry for coming over here ready to beat you and Malik's ass......" I said smirking.

"Nah Pequeño papi you're going to have to come harder than that." Carlos said and I pulled him close to me and started kissing him, showing him just how stupid I felt for letting Julian once again play me like a fiddle. "Well it's a start but if you really wanna make it up to me then you'll stay the night with me and cook me breakfast in the morning." He said pulling me into his seat. "You think Jay will be mad if I fucked you in his car?" Papi asked sucking on my neck.

"Hell yeah I would now both of y'all get out my whip.... I got somewhere to be." Jayden said standing outside the car. We got out and walked over to Carlos's car and he stood there looking in my eyes.

"I love you Quinton.... don't ever doubt that. Now I'm about to go in here and say bye to my family then I'm going to take you back to my place and I fuck you all night long, I got a lot of anger I gotta release and you're the only person in this world who can keep up with me." He said kissing me, as he started walking away a thought came to my head.

"Carlos what are you planning to do to Julian, I know you too well and you don't know how to let shyt go....." I said and he shrugged.

"I haven't decided yet but when I do I'll let you know......" He said walking into the house and I didn't feel bad for Julian in the slightest because he brought this on himself but there was someone I needed to talk to because he seemed to essential to Julian's plan and yet he turned on him and that was Malik, but for right now I was going to focus on my dude and nothing else all that other shyt could wait until tomorrow............................

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