Chris Benoit is innocent?

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OK, I have been freaking out over this one..I have seen this theory before, so I thought I'd share it with you

We all know Chris Benoit was *supposedly* the man who killed his son and wife, Nancy and Daniel. But, did he really?

Evidence may have shown that he didn't murder his family, but this comes down to wether you want to believe this or not.
Okay, so first off.. Chavo Guerrero - a close friend to Benoit - told WWE Magazine that he talked to Chris on a Friday night on his house phone, 45 minutes they were engaging into the conversation, Chris had said there was someone knocking at his door and he is going to see who it was. Well, Chavo said that there was a "scuffle" and his phone line cut off, or went dead. Chris only could be reached on his cell phone three hours later.

But wait! There's more.

AFTER Chavo had finally gotten ahold of Chris on his cell, he said Chris sounded very odd.. Groggy and tired, chris also said, "I love you Chavo" he said it sounded forced. The WWE said he called in and told them Nancy (his wife) and Daniel (his son) were sick and did not sound like himself, Chris said "I love you" which they say was out of context because he didn't say this usually.

Chris cell phone is missing! The police couldn't find his cell phone or needles they SAID chris used to inject himself with steroids before he died! Chris was not hanging from the weight machine, he was laying on the floor underneath the machine, a police officer said "Benoit was slumped" against the weight machine.

I also read that Chris had an autopsy for his body when he passed, they said Chris died on a Saturday whilst his family died on a Sunday. Was that a framed crime? Also, the steroids they found in Chris' house was not in his body..

There were 10 empty beer cans and an empty body of wine besides Chris' body. He tested negative for alcohol. Nancy Benoit's death was posted on the internet, 14 hours before her body was found.

    Kevin Sullivan was the ex-husband of Nancy Benoit, but the one thing that  freaks me out is Kevin Sullivan said he was going to kill Chris, and  Kevin Sullivan was known to be a member of a satanic cult.

Now, I just found that Nancy's sister said that benoits Google search history had, "easiest way to break someone's neck"

So, what do you think?

Is Chris innocent?

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