College Life

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I'm not sure what encouraged me to write a new story. I just had a sudden urge for something new. Its the first little piece of whats on my mind so please give me feed back on how you feel about it, thanks.

Dalvin was one of those guys that will tell you they love you, then cheat right in your face. It was like you were a piece of meat to have sex with or a toy to play with. Your emotions didn't mean anything to him and if you caught feelings, he left you alone. That was the main reason I got away from him. I was to brainless to listen to my friend Jamie when she told me that he was no good. My instincts told me the same but my heart told me something different. My heart always went for the wrong guy so i've decided to let dating go. Its been 3 weeks since me and him broke up and he's still trying to get back with me. I just don't understand, you say you love me then get another girl pregnant?
Tuh, college life was hard.

NYU. New York University, home of the bobcats. This was going to be my second year here and I can safely say i've adapted to the campus. As long as you had a few friends here you were good to go but if you stayed in mess, you wouldn't get anywhere to achieving your career. I personally think some people just come here to wear our school colors and get wasted at parties. College, to me, was way much more than alcohol and textbooks. Call me a nerd if you want, when they wanted me at this place I packed my stuff and went here. Getting away from my hometown was a blessing. I was tired of nice little fantasy jones in a sweet loving home, I was so ready to express myself here.

I was laying down on my twin sized bed texting away. This was the only time i got in between classes. Next class was my last, and that was bio chemistry, something I was terrible at. Not to mention I haven't ate since 8 in the morning. I already could tell i had bags under my eyes and i knew my hair was a curly mess. Jamie and rich came into my dorm with Chinese food and sat at the edge of my bed. These two were my best friends. Always there for me when I needed them. Not to mention, they were my friends before college and It was a blessing we all got accepted here at NYU.

Rich was a cool guy, i've known him since high school. He was into acting, drama, and basketball. He had a good goal going for himself. If it wasn't for his friends to lift him up with his grades, he would still be struggling back in 12th grade. He went from selling drugs to having a high average in college. The great things god can do huh?

Jamie was a curly haired girl like me, execpt more freckles and a darker skin tone. She was beautiful and her personality matched her looks. She was into the fashion field and she paid for college her damn self! She was a hard working girl and most would say she was quiet, but to me she was a handful. Her mother was on drugs and abusive so she moved with her dad and then here. I'm glad she didn't let all those hurtful words her mom said to her, get to her head. She was a bright young girl. She mirrored me so much, we were like sisters.

The two of them started to eat and watch tv while laying all on top of me like I wasn't laying down in the bed. Rich scooted up against the wall besides me and Jamie sat on my lap eating away. They were so annoying.

Me: when will you two learn how knock on the door?

Jamie: sorry fantasy, we just got out of class and we were hungry and we knew you were too. Lighten up, we even brought you some.

Free food for me? Didn't have to tell me twice. I sat up and grabbed my plate. They knew all the foods I ate because I wanted everything that was on my plate. I pushed Jamie off my lap so I could see the tv. Jamie's hair was clearly messed up as if someone had played in it

Me: what happened to your hair Jamie? I just did it this morning.

Jamie: rich doesn't know how to chew with his mouth closed so he got gum in my hair. It took him an hour to even get it out.

She spent so much time on her hair so I knew she was actually mad. Rich always had a tendency of playing too much. He knew my boundaries and what to not say to me.

Rich: so you still mad about this nigga Dalvin?

Me: honestly guys i'm not doing okay. I miss him a little, I just hate how everyone knew that girl was pregnant but me. I feel humiliated, even the professors knew. Everyone but me.

Rich: everyone know's he's a jerk and he can't handle a sweet girl like you. I never approved of him.

Me: you guy's don't approve of any guy I date. If its not dalvin, than who?

Jamie: we don't mean to be so overprotective. But your parents put their trust in us to keep you safe down here.

Me: i'm fine by myself. I'm 19 for crying out loud. If I want to party and date guys, its none of their business!

Rich: then come to the party shaun's hosting tonight after the game.

Me: you mean shaun hall? How Could I- I mean, we have to be invited to come.

Rich: i'm already invited fantasy. You must have forgot I'm on the team? I can bring you girls along. Come on, get your head out of the books and party.

Jamie: its a bunch of guys waiting for you there Jamie, let loose a little. You can study another time.

Another time wouldn't work for me. I had way to many tests to study for not to mention 5 research papers I was already late on. How could I catch up on that while i'm at shaun hall's party? I shook my head in disagreement, I couldn't do it. There was a knock on my door while I was eating. I got up off my bed and walked over to see who it was.

There before my eyes stood shaun hall and the basketball team standing behind him. Why were they here at my dorm? They crowded around my door with piercing eyes that looked right down at me since I was a little short. I fixed my hair a little and stood back.

Shaun: your name is fantasy right?

Me: yeah. You're shaun?

Shaun: in the flesh. I was wondering if I could see you at my party tonight. I've been seeing you around and I guess, why not invite you.

I looked back at my friends who had wide smiles on their faces. Was I really going to say yes? It wouldn't hurt to have a little fun.

Me: um, yeah. I'll be there.

Shaun: great. I'll see you later then. I'll catch you in a little bit rich.

I waved them goodbye as him and his friends waved back. There was a huge pack of them and shaun disappeared in the crowd. Damn, that boy was fine and it was obvious he liked me a little. As stubborn as I was, I didn't want to interfere with him or be one of the girls on his list. Jamie jumped over to me and started to hug me. Sometimes she got happy for no reason which was beyond me. Rich stood back a little and continued eating.

Jamie: I have the perfect dress you can wear tonight. It'll look great on you. Did you see the way shaun was looking at you?

Me: he looks at every girl like that.

Jamie: No he doesn't. Seems like he has a crush on you. He came to your dorm just to invite you!

Rich: I gotta get going, i'll pick you two up later on so we can head out.
Call me fantasy.

Me: I will.

He was out the door and down the hall but Jamie was still in my room figuring out what I needed to wear. To be honest, I wasn't planning on staying too long since I had to study. I sighed and laid back on the bed, I knew shaun's girlfriend Brittany would be there. She hated my guts ever since I came here and she was highly overprotective of him. I guess she wouldn't mind me coming to one of his parties.

[ So should I continue. It starts off slow but it gets better fast and I'll think you'll like it. But comment what you think about it so far. ]

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