Love Actually (One Shot)

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"Congratulations, Madhu! " her friends excitedly wished her. "Thanks guys!" Madhu says excitedly hugging them. She just got back from a week long quiz competition in Delhi and she had won second prize. "Where is Dips?" Madhu asks excitedly. "In the church. She is in a pretty bad shape." They tell her sadly. "Really? What happened?" Madhu asks not even waiting for an answer she hurries to the campus church. Just when she reaches the church she sees Dipali coming out. "Hey Dips! What's up?" Madhu asks hurrying to her. "Congrats, Madhu." Dipali says sadly smiling at her. "Thanks babe." Madhu says hugging her. "What happened to you? Don't tell me RK is getting married." Madhu says laughing. "You don't know?" Dipali asks her shocked. "What?" Madhu asks as worry gripped her heart, "Don't tell me he is getting married." "How come you didn't know?" Dipali asks her shocked. RK's and Madhu's parents were best friends and RK and Madhu practically grew up together, and Madhu could understand why Dipali was shocked that she was not aware of RK's marriage, hell even she was shocked, there had been no indication of that. "But he is still studying!" "Marriage is after two years." Dipali tells her gaping at her. "I need to talk to him." Madhu tells her and starts to run off. "Madhu, wait..." Dipali says. "No, Dips... I need to tell him what I feel for him. I can't lose him." Madhu says as tears filled her eyes and she hurries to find RK. It was a strange thing, in spite of growing up together, only after joining college did Madhu started having romantic feelings towards RK. And Dipali and she had become best friends due to both of their fondness for RK. They had a pact that whoever RK choses among them the other would be only happy for their friend and it would never affect their friendship. They had even managed to keep the other girls away from snatching their man, our man that was what they liked to call him but now it looks like another girl was going to get him. 

Madhu finally finds him at the campus auditorium. He seemed busy with some girls, happily flirting with them. She was about to go talk to him when she stopped in fear. What was she going to tell him? How can she tell him that what he had considered friendship was something entirely different for her? And she was telling him at a time when his marriage was fixed. But how can she not tell him and lose him? Dipali will move away after college but she? She would be there always in his life watching him with another girl. She couldn't do that. "Hey Madhu! Congrats!" Sultan tells her as he walked towards her. "Heard you came second! We didn't even think you would last the first round." Sultan jokes to her. When she remains silent and kept watching RK happily talking to the girls, he tells her, "I guess your big thunder was blown away by RK's big news." Madhu turns to look at him, he was her friend but more importantly he was RK's best friend. She turns to him and says, "Please do me a favor." "What favor?" he asks. "Can you tell RK that I love him?" "WHAT?" "I don't have the courage to tell him. Please?" "But his marriage..." "That is why I want him to know that I love him before he gets married. Please Sultan?" "Fine, I'll talk to him. You want me to do it now?" Sultan asks as he patted her arms. "Yes." "Okay." She stood there as Sultan walked towards RK and pulls him aside. She could see Sultan talking to RK but couldn't see RK's reaction to what he was saying as his back was towards her. Finally, Sultan points to her and RK turns to look at her. His face was blank and she couldn't tell if he was angry, shocked or happy. Then he started walking towards her. For the first time in her life she wanted to run away like a coward. She forces herself to stand still as she nervously waited for him to come to her.  

"Don't run." RK tells her as he watched her going pale by the second. "I am not going to run." Madhu replies as she took a step back. "Stand still, I need to talk to you." And Madhu stops moving back. "Sultan tells me that you are in love with me." RK tells her looking her in the eye. "Yes." Madhu nervously replies. "So what do you want me to do? Call off my marriage?" RK asks in a mocking tone. "If my feelings make any difference to you, then yes." Madhu tells him as she looked down. "Then what?" RK asks. "Then what?" Madhu asks back. "You want me to date you?" he asks her. "RK, are you making fun of me?" Madhu asks hurt. "No, Madhu. I have never been more serious in my life." "What do you want to do?" Madhu asks him. "I want to do whatever you want me to do." RK tells her. "What do you mean by that?" RK shrugs in reply. "I am serious, RK. I love you and I want to know if you feel anything for me." Madhu tells him with tears in her eyes. RK sighs and turns to Sultan and says exasperated, "Sultan yaar, I can't do this!" "Come on, maaan. Just humor her." Sultan tells him loudly. Madhu angrily looks at both of them and asks RK "What does that mean? Are you two making fun of my feelings?" RK looks at her sighs loudly then ignoring her question he continues talking, "Okay, let me get this straight. You love me. I assume you want me to love you back. And I assume that you want us to be a couple. Am I with you so far?" RK asks her while Madhu looks at him sadly, hurt that he was making fun of her feelings. She turns to walk off when he holds her hand. "I am not done. So I guess I am right so far. But where you have lost me is, after all that you want me to call off our wedding?" "What?" Madhu asks shocked seeing him grinning at her. Seeing her shocked expression he leans down and starts kissing her on her lips while she stood there shocked. "Everyone! RK and Madhu kissing!" Sultan shouts out cheering. RK looks at her and sees her gaping at him. "Who do you think my marriage is fixed with?" he asks her laughing. "Who?" she asks still shocked. "You didn't get it? Okay I'll give you another clue." He says and takes her lips in his again and starts kissing her. This time she kisses him back.  

Madhu looks at him smiling now and then hugs him. "How come I didn't know?" she asks him shocked. "Because I told our parents that I wanted to tell you." RK tells her. "But how?" Madhu asks. "Well it happened like Mom told me that before I went to US for MBA she wanted me to be engaged so I won't come back with a foreigner. So I told her about you, and even before I could finish my parents had called up your parents and fixed the wedding. I wanted to tell you first but then Sultan found out he spread the news all over college. But somehow you managed to get only half the news." RK tells her grinning lovingly. "You knew about my feelings?" Madhu asks shocked. "Come on, Madhu. Did you really think I wouldn't hear about your our man thing? I just want to be your man, not both of yours." He says winking at her. "Dipali!" Madhu says shocked remembering her best friend. "She is in love with you." "I knew. And she did tell me yesterday. I told her that I love you and have been in love with you since we both were in nappies. She seemed to understand." RK tells her. "Nappies?" Madhu asks shocked. "Okay... that was a bit of a stretch. But I have been in love with you since we were kids. It started as a crush but over the years it has turned to love." RK tells her. "So you love me?" Madhu asks amazed. "Yes." "Then why the hell didn't you ever tell me?" Madhu asks pissed. "Why didn't you tell me?" he asks. "I did now." "If a situation such as this arises I would have told you. And to tell you the truth, I was having too much fun watching you fending off the girls away from my side." He says chuckling. "You are sick!" Madhu says as she hits him. "But you love me anyway." He says as he pulled her close to him and hugs her. "I love you, Madhu."

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