Chapter 32

"I trust you have all practised hard, girls?" Mrs Lavania glided into the room. It was after school, and Pockey Nation were casually chilling in the auditorium, listening and dancing along to K-Pop that Ces was playing from her phone. We nodded in response; we had gone through a few songs that me and Beth had worked on, and then Flora had assessed each one until she decided which one was awesome enough for us to sing. Octopus sat there and ate a Mr Kipling. I don't know where she got it from, since Flora knows how much  the others like them. Thanks, but I'll stick with my trustworthy Jaffa Cakes, because they're trustworthy.

 "Alrighty then. Let's begin."

We even managed to snag some musican's that usually hang around and do our class numbers, and gave them the sheet music so they could learn it. Thankfully, they did, and Beth had recorded that earlier this week, so we had the backing track. That girl is bloody organised.

"Hey, are you okay?" Ces asked me, holding my elbow. Nice of her. It's because Ed's gone missing. I can't find him. He's gone. Nada. No find. FML. He was my only feline friend and he's gone. What's going to happen to me?

So yeah, I've been feeling like shit these passed fews days. Its been a week. I've been so alone. But then again, I now have Minho to hang out with. This makes me sound like a right saddo; like I hang out with my cat. Alright, maybe sometimes I did, but you just sit there behind your computer screen, sit there in your wrongness and just be wrong.

Anyway, back to the recording.

Someone counted us in. Here we go.....


"Cut. Guys, that was okay. Take five." Mrs Lavania fanned herself with some sheet music, sitting back in her seat, looking tired.

It was round two hours later from when I last spoke to you peeps; and I was blooming exhausted. I had also done quite shittily with this whole recording thing. No really, even Mrs Lavania thought so; it was all in her facial expressions.

"Here." Flora handed me a bottle of water, which I happily chugged down, devouring the contents of the bottle. Soon, it was gone. Life well spent, water bottle, you will be missed.

"This is so much work." Beth whined.

"You're the one who helped organise it. Therefore, shut the heck up." Ces slurped her drink. Beth looked like she was about to bitchslap Beth silly, but was stopped when a phone went off. We checked; it wasn't any of ours. Instead, we turned around and saw Mrs Lavania holding her Blackberry to her ear. Whoa, way to stay in with the trends, Mrs L.

"Uh huh....yes, they're all brilliant....besides one..." Shit, was I really that bad? Was I that bad I had to be singled out?! What kind of freaking cruel world is this, man? Really?

I checked my phone, for something to do. Since I had, well, nothing to do. No new messages. How I hate an empty Inbox.

I debated on whether texting one of the girls, even though I was standing right next to them. Sure enough, they'd text back a 'Wtf are you txting me for, b!tch?'. Hm. Not the reaction I would want. Never mind them.

I know who I should text! My new best buddy! Haha, jokes, he's only one of my best buddies. As I have alot of friends.............Really. I do.

I texted him anyway. Incase you didn't catch on with the whole "New best buddy!" thing, it's Minho. Yeah, didn't see that one coming, did we? Hm mm. You're wrong. So just sit there, being wrong, in your wrongness and continue to be wrong. That's all you'll ever be.

Haha, jokes, I'm not that kind of person.

Even though you badly want to hurt me for pulling you out of all the details to my life, you can't. I'm behind a computer screen, and I can't see you, like you can't see me. Only Chuck Norris can harm me now.

Okay, I'm sorry for wasting your time. I did text Minho, in the end, by the way.

He texted me back almost immedietaly, saying,

'Hey, I was just about to text you :) How's the recording going?'

'Shittily, since I'm pretty sure Mrs Lavania has regretted this whole thing DX but apart from that, everything's great ^^ How's it with you?

'Everything's okay, I guess. Key just stole Onew's chicken, since Onew dragged us both to KFC and Onew looks like he's going to murder someone. Keeps muttering under his breath....but yeah, that's probably just his Onew condition talking. What time do you finish?'

'Not sure, but I imagine soon. We've done four of the songs on the list, so we're ahead of time ^_^ Half an hour maybe. Why? Got plans?'

'I was wondering if you wanted to go get something to eat, since KFC stuff tastes crappy, and they use the whole chicken, like the beak and claws. Interested? ;)'

'Sure, one sec. I'll have to tell Beth, otherwise she'll go Ninja on my ass for not helping her edit the last scene we did on the film in school -_-'

'Okay, see you in a bit ;) Love you x'

SUCK ON THAT, You SLOTH HATERS. I smiled, loving the special feeling I got when I realised he was messaging ME. Don't worry, you'll find someone soon. Or just start collecting cats to die alone with now. I stopped before I started collage, just in case people though I was a special kid.

"Hey Beth, what are we doing later?" I asked, playfully hitting her arm repeatedly. She gave me her 'Do that again, you won't wake up tomorrow morning.' look. Ouch.

"Nothing. Go on. Seems like you have plans. Come back never." she said, drinking some water.

"Go adopt a sloth."  I laughed. Turning to Ces and Flora, "So, can we go now?"

"Guess so." said Flora, looking back at Mrs Lavania who couldn't give more of a shit if she tried.

"Its not like she can tell us off for leaving something in our own time." said Ces. "Away with ye!" 

I grinned, grabbed my bag and raced out the building, right to where Minho was waiting for me.

"Hey." I sang, casually walking towards him. Casually. Because walking is casual.

"Hey, where do you want to eat?" Minho asked, wearing his usual smile. He draped his arm round my shoulders. I looked up at him.

"Anywhere that doesn't specialize in chicken."



Just saying, you may realise that there has been a few mentions of sloths recently in these past fwe chapters.


No, really. If I ever see a sloth at a car boot sale, I'm buying it.

Just to prove they're awesome, I put a picture of a happy sloth on the side of this chapter.

Enjoy the sloth.

Enjoy it.

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