Accidentally fallen for you. oops. (13)

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This will be mostly about Lily and Brock. Ben is to busy to talk.

Enjoy ;)

Recap: We sat in our seats and waited for the plane to take off.

"Your going to talk eventually" Brock muttered.

I would rather die. I thought in my head. While watching the little town disappear. Leaving Ben there...

(Ben's POV)

I was to mad to think. What could I even do? I miss her so much right now that it hurts.

Then something popped into my head. I will see her again. I will drive and drive till I see her.

I got in the truck and drove on the road yet again. Towards her...

(Lily's POV)

I wasn't going to speak to the trader. He stared at me this whole time. I glared out the plane window.

"So... why did you run?" He asked suddenly.

I'm not answering that! What a horse butt!

"Lily. I'm sorry I betrayed you.. I was just doing my job"

He was just doing his job.

'He took away your happiness Lily' My mind told me. that's true.

He frowned and started pouting. This was going to be a long plane ride...

(Brock's POV)

I felt bad for doing this. But its not safe for her to be out in the world alone with a loser. The boy's parents didn't give a crap about his safety. They were just hoping Lily wouldn't be hurt.

"Lily. Talk to me" I begged.

She turned and face the window. Her whole back facing me.

Her mom sent a whole report about Lily. Like a biography. to every police station in the united states. I feel like I know her personally. It hurts that she's mad at me.

"Lily" I tried to speak to her again. "Why did you run?" This question was stuck in my mind from the moment I met her. Why would she leave her life to run with this guy?

She shook her head.

"Why would you run with a loser that has a criminal record?"

That made her speak. And made me wish I hadn't.

"He is not a loser! He is the best guy I have ever known! He cares about me and doesn't lie to me! If only you were a fourth of the guy he is!" She screamed. Making all of the passengers stare at her.

I sunk down in my seat. Ouch. That stung.

"How could you take me away from him?" She asked. Her voice broke.

I didn't know what to say.

"Would you like something to drink?" The flight attendant asked.

I turned to Lily. Who was holding in the tears and pain.

"Coke.. Do you have any chocolate?" She asked.

Of course. Chocolate is the cure for every girl in pain.

"Yes" She tossed Lily a chocolate bar.

"Ouch!" Lily gasped. The bar smacked her in the eye.

I held in the laughter. The woman felt awful. She handed over a coke and left in a hurry.

(Lily's POV)

Dang. that really hurt. I have forgotten all about my luck issues. They seemed to have gone when I was with Ben.

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