Deal Or No Deal...

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Megan’s P. O. V.

                “Come on Megan!” Louis says attempting to pull me up.

                “NO! No no no no no no no no no,” I protest trying to stay down on the chair. “Melissa help!”

                “Leave her alone!” Melissa says helping me stay down.

                “Liam! Zayn! We need your help!” Louis says still trying to pull me up. Liam and Zayn quickly run over pull me up. Obviously three fit boys against two weak girls we lost. They pull me with such force that I fly onto stage.

                I look out to see 10,000 eyes staring at me. ‘Second time in two days. Why do I like these boys?’ I’m happy that I let those hair and make-up people change my outfit and do my make-up and hair. OMG! Have they been planning this all day? There is no missing dancer! Or backup singers who I was filling in for. And they didn’t just give us a new outfit because we didn’t have any and they didn’t want us sitting back stage in the boys sweats.

                “You guys! I hate you!” I yell as they pull me farther onto the stage. I feel fear surge through me as I realize they want me to sing and dance in front of these people! I am NOT singing. They can pull me up here and embarrass me, but they cannot make me sing. “I am not singing.” I stamp my foot like a five-year old just to add emphasize. I run off the stage and the boys follow me.

                “Yes you are. You have an amazing voice. You know the dances and the notes. I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t sing.” Harry says.

                “Let’s see I certainly can think of a few. One I have never sang in front of anyone let alone 10,000 people. Two I’ve only had one day of practice. Three I don’t want to. And four won’t management and stuff be mad for getting me up on stage and making me song.” I say coming up with every possible reason for me NOT to do this.

                “Well I think we can find a solution to each of those,” Zayn says.

                “One, we hadn’t either but we did it multiple times and we love it,” Niall points out.

                “Two, you might’ve only had one day of practice, but your already a hell of a lot better than Harry is,” Louis says making a scared face and points to Harry.

                “HEY! Rude much?” Harry says making a fake look of hurt.

                “Three it doesn’t matter if you want to, you’re doing it. And besides I can see it in your face you want to do it.” Liam says and laughs at Louis’ and Harry’s exchange.

                “And four, management won’t be mad considering we already cleared it with them,” Harry says.

                “WHAT?! How? You haven’t been out of my sight once all day,” I say baffled by this fact.

                “Well, we showed Simon a video of you singing ‘Someone Like You’ last night on Sing-It and he agreed that you’re an amazing singer and he said that if you did this tonight and your good he would give you a record deal and you could go on tour with us for the rest of it!” He said.

                “WHAT?!” I yell. “NO! No! No! No! No! I am not doing this. I didn’t even know that you took a video why did you do this?”

                “Meg come on you can do this. I know you can! If you don’t like it you don’t have to take the deal. Might as well just try it and see if you like it. I you don’t do it you’ll be mad at yourself forecer for not taking the chance,” Harry says.

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