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April 8, 2017 (11 weeks)

"Your belly is so teeny tiny!" Harry gushes laying a hand on my barely protruding stomach. From here it was only going to get bigger and the visual evidence of my pregnancy would be revealed.

"Stop!" I tell Harry pushing his hands off my stomach and stand up. We had been bumming around his apartment all day and he had been obsessed with running his hand over my stomach that had grown a little in size.

"I can't help it, it's so cute and small!" Harry stands up and engulfs me in a hug to which I laugh when he smothers me in kisses on my neck.

"Yeah well it won't be like that forever, and I know that you told me you would so please tell me you have talked to your parents about this!" I had been nagging at Harry to come clean with his parents and every time he would give me the same answer. It was always "I will don't worry" yet I was worrying. I didn't want his parents to think anything less of me since the word hadn't reached them.

"I will do it this week I promise!" Harry wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me up onto him. My legs cinching up on his waist while he supported me.

"Harry! You told me that last week! You need to tell them!" I stress and see him ignore me by drowning me in kisses.

"Would you quit it? This is serious!" I laugh not being able to stay stern with him. "I'm trying to be serious here and you are making it really difficult!" I giggle the more he peppers me in kisses.

"I will tell them, I will tell them tomorrow over Sunday dinner." He assured me and I arch my brow at him. "I will! I'll give you my word!"

"Well since you kept promising before you owe me frozen yogurt!" I give a little grin and bit my bottom lip at the request.

"I thought you hated frozen yogurt!" Harry has is mouth in an "O" shape. He was right I actually hated frozen yogurt but for some reason, I was having an intense craving for it. I felt the need to have it then and there the more I thought about it.

"I do but for some reason, it sounds so satisfying right now," I tell Harry honestly as I unclasp my legs and press my feet to the ground and head for the door to lace up my high top vans. I am bent over as Harry comes around and spanks me lightly. I smile softly and roll my eyes at his little gesture.


"I think you have tried every flavor combination possible!" Harry teases me already sprinkling coconut over his strawberry and vanilla yogurt. There were so many flavors to choose from that I didn't really know what I wanted.

"There are too many choices it's hard to decide," I transfer my weight to my right side as I hold an empty cup in my hand. That is until I see a salted caramel flavor calling my name. When in doubt always pick salted caramel because it never disappoints.

"After all that you went with the only flavor, you didn't sample?" Harry giggled as I spoon Captain Crunch berries onto my yogurt. I scan the toppings counter and see brownie bites that I can't deny. Who doesn't like brownie bites?

"I didn't see they had salted caramel! If I would have known I wouldn't have sampled any of them."

We get up to the cashier and Harry pays the teenage girl working the counter. I stroll outside to the iron tables by the shop. The fresh air and the sun on my face felt nice as I took a seat under the umbrella-covered table. The clouds floated by slowly as I glanced up at the sky and let the sun soak my face.

I dip my spoon into the creamy yogurt and take a bite that has a few crunch berries in it. Nothing could have been better, I was convinced that this was the high life. Digging into my yogurt my eyes catch a mother and her two kids at the table across from me. She has blonde hair that flows down in perfect waves. She helps clean up her little boys face that managed to get blue yogurt all over it. A baby sits sleeping in a stroller as I observe her and the little boy giggling at one another. The little tow-headed toddler then tries to spoon some of his yogurt into the sleeping baby's mouth to which his mother quickly stops him from disturbing the baby.

"I can't believe you didn't like frozen yogurt! That is tragic!" Harry sits down but I move my head so that I can keep my eyes on the mother and her two kids. I didn't want to be creepy but I couldn't help but watch how she was with her kids. That was going to be me in a few months and that was just now hitting me. "Madeline? What are you looking at?"

"Sorry..." I trail reeling my attention back to Harry as I took another bite of my yogurt. "What were you saying?"

"Nothing, who were you looking at?" He asks me as I see the mother and her little boy get up to leave. She puts one hand on the stroller and with the other, she holds the little boy's hand.

"No one but I think it's finally just hit me," I explain scooping more cereal into my spoon as Harry encourages me to elaborate.

"What did?"

"That I'm going to be a mom in a couple months. There is so much I need to learn before the babies get here and watching that mom and her kids made me realize that. When I was watching her with her two kids it hit me really hard that that will be me soon." I explain to Harry looking down at my belly that has grown a little in size.

I only had a short amount of time to read up on pregnancy and babies in general. I hadn't ever done this before and I needed to learn what I could before the babies actually got here. Seeing that mom with her two kids really brought me to reality that, that was going to be me. However, I would have twin babies instead of a decent age gap between the two.

"Yeah it's a weird thought to think we are having twins, I thought they skipped a generation." Harry gives me a confused look and I then go to explain what my mother told me about twins.

"My mom said it's a myth, I'm not going to lie I'm scared to have to push two bodies out of me! Like that will be a workout of a lifetime." I confess to Harry looking down at my barely protruding stomach. The thought of me giving birth to two babies was enough to make my vagina hurt already.

"We better train you up then!" Harry smiles and I shake my head. I still hadn't completely told him that I suck ass at physical activities but then again did I really have to? After the whole tennis accident, I don't think I ever had to explicitly say that.

"Yeah sure, and maybe this time I'll wear black so you can't see the blood this time." I take another bite from my yogurt and see Harry busting up across from me.

"I felt so bad!" Harry gets out not being able to fully control his laughing.

"I was stressing about the days for like a week straight! And then when the staff came over to try and help I wanted to just crawl out of my skin!" I confessed giggling a little bit at Harry's amusement. It was still embarrassing just to think about, the entire club of people were staring at me as blood ran down my white dress.

"Well I promise not to make you play tennis ever again," Harry spoons some of his yogurt into his mouth smiling and letting the dimples carve into his cheeks.

I loved to see those dimples peek out and secretly hope that one of the babies gets them. All growing up I prayed to be blessed with dimples but that wasn't the case. I was putting money on Harry being the babies father but nothing was certain. I didn't like the unknown but there was no way to determine the father at this time. All I could do was believe to my best ability that Harry was the babies father.

N. Hadeline is way cute if I say so myself:) a chapter was supposed to go up yesterday but my life has kinda taken a turn for the worst. You all me feel better when I see you comment and vote so for that I want to thank every single one of you💜

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