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"Kookie! Kookie!" I was trying to get his attention away from the drowsy looking Hoseok. God dammit, he was even playing with his hair.

Having to repeat the shouting just cause Jungkook is too into touching Hoseok.

How could he keep playing with Hoseok's hair and stare at him,  and not be bored? He's just doing the same thing over and over again, and it's like he's daydreaming all the time.


"What?!" Finally.

"Do you still like Bigbang and anime?"

"Yeah, why"

"Well.....now that you're getting older......don't you think you've outgrown boy groups and anime?"

"What? Hell no!"

"It's just a stupid phase!"

For some odd reason, the drowsy Hoseok lifted his head rapidly, and his eyes darkened. He's probably just tired and thought someone called his name.


Ha! Phase.

It's just a phase? It's always just a 'phase' until someone dies.

Ugggh. Why did I burst, I need to control my emotions. No one needs to know anything.

I'll just be that weird -outgoing -boy -but -actually -doesn't- share -anything- about- his- personal -information guy.

After a whole session of Jimin and Kookie fighting mainly about G-Dragon, Jungkook came back to me.

He patted his lap, and I put my head on him without hesitation.

"Hey Jungkook?" I said, trying to start a conversation.

"Yeah hyung?"

"I'm tired"
He chuckled  and responded with, " I can tell"

"No, Kookie, not that kind of tired"

"What kind of other tired is there?"

"....Never mind, you're right, I don't even know what I'm saying....I'm just too tired"

I mumbled that last part, drifting off to sleep, with one last hope in my mind.

I secretly hoped that he would understand what I meant, what I meant with being tired....tired of life, but I knew that would never happened.

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