Chapter Twenty-Six: Theo

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If I hadn't been so focused on my mission of finding Adira, I might have enjoyed the ride more. The scenery was very peaceful as I rode through the forest path, towards the camp. The king had explained to me how he knew where the princess' kidnappers were and how he thought I was the only one that could get her back.

Personally, I was a bit confused and skeptical because the king had never seemed to like me before. And he liked me even less when he found out I liked his daughter. So truthfully, none of this made sense. But I loved Adira, and was determined to get her back no matter what.

As I neared where the camp was supposed to be, I picked up on some noises. This encouraged me that I was in the right place.

Quietly, I dismounted my horse and tied him to a nearby tree. Making sure I had my weapons, I continued forward on foot. I didn't want to alert them to my presence, or the mission would fail. I had to be as quiet as possible.

With that in mind, I crept through the brush until the camp was in view. Kneeling down, I watched carefully for a glimpse of Adira. I hadn't seen her yet, but I recognized some of the men and knew I was in the right place.

Then I heard the shouts. They seemed to be coming from the other side of the camp. I scrambled along the outskirts of the camp to see what was going on. And to my surprise, it was Adira.

She was trying to escape! Or so it seemed, but it looked like she hadn't gotten very far. The man who had fought me and knocked me out in the castle was holding onto her arm tightly and did not look happy. His companion, a woman with...metal arms...stood by them, a peeved expression on her face as well.

I looked closer at her face and I was encouraged to see her determined expression. She wasn't going to give in. Good girl.

I wanted to rush out of my hiding place and slay both of them where they stood, but I knew that wouldn't work out. And I couldn't risk Adira. I had to come up with a plan.

The man holding Adira shook her in anger and I felt my own anger grow. How dare he touch her! Then he hit her across the face and I had to hold myself back to keep from running him through then and there. By now, I was livid.

Adira kept the determined face up, not letting him know what she was thinking and I was proud of her. She truly was an amazing woman.

The robotic woman said something to the man, but I couldn't hear it well enough. However, it couldn't have been anything good, because the expression on her face could only be described as...wicked. And it frightened me.

She gestured to Adira with her knife and it seemed that her and the man were arguing about something.

They seemed to come to an agreement before climbing on their horses with Adira and riding away. Quickly, I made my way back to my own horse, ready to follow them and get Adira back.

Well, at least someone is going after Adira :P. Goodness knows she's gonna need all the rescuing she can get, being in the hand of those two... ;) Hope you guys are still enjoying this story! :)

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