Damon's POV

I looked at her, and her curls were the same as 1864. She was still the same height.

"Damon? What do you have first hour?" Elena asked me as I walked up to her and Stefan.

I looked down at my sheet.

"Science. What do you two have?"

"English." Elena replied.

"Math." Stefan answered.

"Ok then. I will see you two later." I said and walked off to science.

I entered science and I saw her. She was talking to one of her friends, and I walked by looking casual, and I heard a few girls gasp. I tried so hard not to roll my eyes, but I did anyway. I thought I saw Elijah, but maybe it was just my imagination. He turned towards me, and I saw Elijah. I smirked at him and walked over after putting my stuff down.

"Hey Elijah! Long time no see." I said cocking my head to the side.

"Hello Damon, and your right. It has been a while."

"Wait you two know each-other?" a blond girl with blue eyes asked.

"Yes we do. We met where was it Elijah?" I asked pretending not to remember.

"If I were you I would back off." I heard the voice of the blonde. Her voice was threatening.

"Bella don't be so rude." the girl I knew in 1864 scolded her. So her name was Bella, she sounds feisty.

"Well he is being stupid to mess with us." Bella snapped.

"Doesn't mean you have to be rude." the girl snapped at Bella.

"Ok class! Let's get started!" the teacher said. I walked back to my spot and sat down.

"Today will just be a get to know each-other day ok? Hmm, how about you? Will you stand up and tell us about yourself?" the teacher said pointing at the girl that snapped at Bella.

"Sure." she said and stood up.

"I hate standing in front of the class, because I get nerves. I love music. Music is pretty much my life. I hate people who are to dramatic everyday, no offense to some of you. I'm adopted. I love my adopted and my real family. When I was living with Emma, and Jacob I was working on a farm. We built the farm when I was 10. We started out with teo goats, but they both died but not the same time or year. I've had 3 or 4 deer in my life. One of them was Lily, Tiger, Rose, and Booner. The only one that's still alive that I know of is Lily. She is 5 years old now. I'm done." She said sitting down. She giggled a little bit with her friends.

"Great job. You had a lot happening."

"I know I did. Thank you for letting me share."

"Your welcome?" the teacher said confused. The class started laughing, but I stayed silent.

"Now. . ." I zoned out. I didn't have to share about myself, because we didn't have to if we didn't want to. I chose not to.

The bell rung and I got my stuff and left the room.

Kayla's POV

"Who was that guy? He looks familiar." I said to my father.

"His name is Damon Salvatore. Please mind me and stay away from him." my father begged.

"If I can then yes." I said. My dad gave me a stern look, and I smiled sarcastically.


I got out of english class, and was now headed to my locker. I felt someone looking at me from behind. I looked behind me, and nobody was looking at me. I turned back around and smacked into something hard. I hope I didn't run into the wall.