Part 1

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Hope you read the teaser or this won't make sence.

He decided to keep his outfit simple today. He went with a flower crop top and a black skirt.

 He went with a flower crop top and a black skirt

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(What kookie wearing)

He went to his full sized mirror next to his bed.

He loved the way he looked. He took a picture on snap chat, but only saved it to his memories because he didn't want anyone to know about it. He closed his snap chat and decided he would do some online shopping. He needed a couple more girl outfits and his was one of the only ways to buy them without being judged.

1 hour later

Jungkook had lost track of time and didn't hear his best friend, Taehyung walk into his house.

Taehyung lightly knocked on Jungkooks bed room dore. Jungkook quickly ran to his closet before Taehyung could see what he was wearing.

When Taehyung opened the door he...

(A://n) Haha left you on a cliff hanger. I'm not sure how long each chapter will be but it will get the story across. I will update 2 times this week because I updated late. Please like comment and vote
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