RULES [please read ALL rules before submitting a tribute!]

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♦Each entry will be scored out of 6 by both Gamemakers. The score is based on creativity/originality, use of the prompt, and entertainment value. 2 points are given for each catagory, and then the two scores will be added together to give you your final score.

♦Bonus points will be given each round for different reasons. (sometimes it will be first entry, sometimes it will be best characterization, sometimes it will be best quote, sometimes it will be something specific to the given task.)

♦One point will be subtracted each time you are killed, or if you turn in your entry within an hour before it is due.

♦Two points will be subtracted from your score if you are the last person to hand in your entry.

♦The tributes with the lowest scores each task will be put up for votes.

♦Along with the people you kill in your entry, you will be asked to hand in a small list of ballot-deaths (usually 2), which are basically secret deaths that no one but the Gamemakers see.

♦Voting will take place as soon as the scores of the previous task are posted and will close 24 hours later.

♦Vote for no more and no less than the specified amount of tributes or your vote will NOT be counted.

♦When you vote, please do it for the QUALITY OF THE ENTRY, not just because you are friends with that author. This is supposed to be a writing contest, not a popularity contest.

♦If you miss a task, you will recive a zero and immediately be put up for votes.

♦ If you miss two tasks you are eliminated, regardless of your score.

♦If you have read all of the rules, please put "Grizzly vs. Rodent" in the space marked "other" on the character sheet. :)

♦Please send all tribute forms, task entries, and ballot deaths by email to They will NOT be accepted otherwise.

♦Time alotted for each task will be in EST so that everyone is on the same page. We will also be posting regular countdown announcements on our individual profiles and our joint-account :)

♦If you vote from a joint or second account, or ask people and fans to vote for you, you will be disqualified IMMEDIATELY. If we do not recognize an account, we will not accept votes from it.

♦You may reserve tributes for only 48 HOURS. If we do not recieve a sheet within that time, the spot becomes open again.

♦These Games will be run with absolutely no bias. If we give you a low score, it's not because we're plotting against you. The same thing goes for high scores. By signing up for these Games, you agree to trust our score. All scores, unless we make a legitimate mistake (such as accidentally hitting anouther zero and scoring you a 100 instead of a 10) are FINAL.

♦All tasks will be due on a Saturday at 8pm EST, so that you have Friday night and Saturday morning/afternoon to work for those of you who have busy weeks.

♦If you have really read all of the rules (and not just skimmed for the little password thing), please put "Appease The Furry Fury" in the space marked "other" on the character sheet. If we do not see that, we will not accept you, simple as that. (let's see how many people we catch, shall we?)

♦No excuses. We don't want to hear things such as "my internet is down today" or "I'm feeling a little sick today". These are direct consequences of procrastination. If you hadn't waited until the last minute, we wouldn't have this problem. Serious illness/injury is another story, but it's highly unlikely that we'll believe as it's hard to prove. Same goes for "my laptop is being slow": we know that's bullsh*t, because you're messaging us when you could be handing it in. Everything will be exactly on time, and failure to conform to this will result in scores of zero/disqualification.

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