Famous Family Fatality

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Aspen's POV

Sure, attractiveness goes a long way into today's modern society. So sure, my roommate mate was a drool worthy models. Sadly, his dead brain is something that turns me off. I'd rather go with someone who has actual smarts than with someone who only knows alcohol brands by heart.

So far he's removed my tape 7 times in the three days he started living with me. The tape went around my bed, desk, drawer and my mini carpet. Which wasn't that big.  So most of the room was left for my roommate. I'm debating wether or not to just give up on the tape. Considering I'm almost out of tape. 

I was just laying on my bed, tired but couldn't sleep. Ashton, the annoying asshole, was blabbing about his flings and past girlfriends.

That went on like that for about 30 minutes, when someone called him.

I closed eyes, ignoring him completely. I began to think about my family.

My sister, Anastasia, 18 and already is becoming famous with her bestie in a band called Royalling Rebels. All her friends have names on Disney characters like her. There is Ariel, the drummer, Mulan the guitarist, my sister the singer, and Belle the base guitarist. They are already on their first world tour. 

My brother, Blake, is a professional athlete. Right now he's probably somewhere with his gold medal coach in Rio. He's won 7 gold medals, 2 silver and one bronze. Not to mention the 50 trophies he has. Did I mention he's only 21?

So that marks my younger siblings more successful than me.

Then there is my parents, Gloria and Jackson Rogers. Famous doctors and surgeons.

So that leaves me, Aspen Ricky Rogers at age 24, with no passion, no hobbies, behind his little siblings and parents. I am not successful and probably won't be. Forever living in the shadow of my own family.

My life has been difficult for me, and not many can understand it. Barely no one has. I've changed a lot over my life, and I don't think I've started living it.

My little self crumbling world was interrupted when Ashton wiped his phone against the wall. When I was fully whipped back into reality I heard this. And I wish I didn't.

"Useless Piece Of Shit!"

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