Chapter 15: Holmes Chapel

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Valerie's POV:

~ February 25th ~

The whole Eleanor tweeting from the dead thing sent the fandom into protective mode. Most fans said that they wanted to help protect Louis and I from whoever had tweeted from Eleanor's account, while a small portion of fans said they'd only protect Louis and they'd be happy to help whoever this was hunt me down. There were different theories of what was going on that the fans had come up with. One was that Eleanor's mum was angry at the 1D boys and wanted revenge, another was that Derek had gotten access to Eleanor's account and was sending threats through her twitter.

And then there were the few jokes, joking about calling ghostbusters and the Winchesters and telling Louis and I to just forget the tweet, that it was nothing to worry about.

Louis was taking it seriously though. Security around me was already as tight as it could be, so Louis had just decided to stay by my side at all times in case something happened.

Today we were driving to Holmes Chapel and we wouldn't make it there for a few hours, where it'd be dark by the time we got there.

We said goodbye to Louis's family, his sisters nearly tackling him to the ground when they all hugged him at once. The twins were in their carseats and Louis took Doris and Ernest from his mum and I said goodbye to her before I held Louis's baby brother and sister as he said goodbye to his mum. We put the last of our bags in the trunk and left for Holmes Chapel.


Harry jumped down the steps leading into the house and tackled me into a hug as I stepped out of the car. I laughed and hugged him back.

"Hey Haz. Now shh, Adrienne and Aiden are sleeping." Harry pretended to zip his lips shut and I rolled my eyes. He picked up Aiden carefully from his carseat so as not to wake him and I walked around to the other side of the car to pick up Adrienne. Louis yawned as he went to get our bags from the trunk. Harry and I walked inside and I was immediately enveloped in a hug by Gemma.

"Hi!" she whisper-yelled, noticing that the twins were sleeping, "May I?" she asked, motioning to Adrienne. I nodded and she took Adrienne from me. I went to help Louis take our bags in and we headed up to my room. Mum had told me that they hadn't touched it for years so it was exactly how it was when I was fifteen. I opened my door and laughed, seeing all the posters taped to the bright blue walls.

"Jesus Christ," I laughed, "I forgot about these posters." Louis looked around the room and laughed when his eyes landed on a poster on the opposite wall.

"Hannah Montana?" he laughed, nearly choking on air he was laughing so much. I groaned and took his bags after setting mine on the floor.

"Okay," I said, pushing him out of the room, "Out."

"Oh come on, it isn't that bad."

"Yes it is," I countered, "Its horrifying. Now out." I got him out of the room and locked the door before I climbed up on my bed and started tearing the posters down, stuffing them into a garbage bag. It took me half an hour to get all the posters down.

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