Part 20*

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Shravan: SUMO!!! 

Shravan runs up to her and engulfs her into his arms.  He hugs her as tight as he possibly can.

Shravan: I'm sorry Sumo. I'm so so sorry. Please Sumo. Please don't leave me. Please don't hate me. Give me any other punishment and I will accept it but please don't go. (begging)

Sumo: Shravan? (in his embrace)

Sumo: Please Sumo (crying) Sumo I will die if you leave. Sumo I don't have anybody. Please Sumo.........

Sumo: Shravan get up please. And stop crying. 

Shravan: Sumo? (sobbing and looking at her tears) I'm sorry, I promised you and I made you cry. 

Shravan whips off all of her tears and holds her face looking into her eyes.

Sumo: Shravan, you were right.  I don't know how it feels to have parents. You were right Shravan, I don't know how you feel.  But here is where you were wrong. 

Shravan: S-umo.........Sum-o.....Su-mo. ............(sobbing)

Sumo: I am NOT lucky that I don't have then anymore.  Shravan you are lucky, lucky that your parents are alive and with you--------

Shravan: Sumo, my parents are dead for me.

Sumo: Shravan, please!

Shravan: Sumo, I am sorry that I spoke to you the way I did. Will you forgive me, please Sumo, don't drag my parents into this. Please Sumo, forgive me, I am sorry. But please don't leave me.

Sumo: Shravan, what did you tell Aditya at his bachelor party? 

Shravan: (shocked) Sumo? How.....

 Sumo: Is what I heard true Shravan?

Shravan: Sumo, (with guilt in his eyes) I am sorry, but yes. I told him that we............that we had a relationship of .........of two lovers....and....... 

Sumo: Why Shravan!? Why did you taint our friendship?! Why Shravan?!! Why did you make a joke out of my character? (now crying) 

Shravan: Sumooo, I know I made a mistake but I was doing it because I loved you. Because I couldn't see you becoming his in front of my eyes.  I loved you Sumo, ever since I knew what love was, and I was losing you.  Again Sumo, again!! And the first time I broke apart but got myself together, but if you had left me again then I would have died. Sumo......please forgive me.  I know I always screw up. I always hurt you, but you can punish me in any way you want. Just don't leave me Sumo. I have no one. 

Sumo: You want me to forgive you Shravan?! Why? Why should I forgive you!? You loved me right? Then why couldn't you me a man and tell everyone that! Why didn't you tell Nanu that you loved me? That you wanted to marry me?! Why Shravan!! I was being forced to marry Aditya, but you weren't!!!

Shravan: (tears in his eye) Sumo, I know I did the wrong thing but whatever I did was out of love.  Love for you Sumo. You have no idea how much I love you.  You are my entire life!! Please Sumo, forgive me! 

Sumo: Forgive you? Why should I! I thought you cared about me, my feeling, my respect. But none of that meant anything to you! Because if it did then you wouldn't have said all of those things! 

Shravan: Sumo please! I will do anything, but please forgive me. (sobbing and begging)

Sumo: So you are saying that I should forgive you because you did the wrong thing but out of love?

Shravan: Yes Sumo! I admit that what I did was wrong but that was only because I loved you so much that I couldn't bare losing you. Please Sumo. Please forgive me, I promise I will never hurt you again! (begging for forgiveness)

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