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        Welcome to Just Candice!

        Firstly, I hope you enjoy this book because I really enjoyed writing it and it would mean a lot if you shared, voted, and/or commented. But, if you don't want to, that's also cool. Read on, my friend.

        Secondly, this book deals with some pretty big issues. HOWEVER, this is not meant to offend anybody nor is this about me going out and slandering men or acting like a feminist. IT IS DEFINITELY NONE OF THOSE. IT'S A WORK OF FICTION AND I AM NOT THE PERSON IN THIS BOOK. So, enter at your own risk! :)

        This book does deal with a lot of serious things but it is only meant to be here for entertainment and for reading. But, I do hope some things are learnt and applied in the outer world because these are real life serious issues. If there is any resemblance to anything then it's purely coincidental.

        With all that being said, I do hope you enjoy the book! Thank you for being here!

(p.s. - I did publish this book before but I wasn't satisfied with it so if you have the previous version still (not many) please delete it!)



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