jimmy fallon

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"here's two time gold and first time silver metal winning champion in men half pipe. and female first time slope style winner life Anderson and Shaun white" Jimmy fallon stood up and waited for us to come out.

I was dressed in a black dress Shaun was in a black vest and a cute white shirt and jeans.

ounces on stage we had to walk up three small stairs. Shaun placed his hand on my back and held my hand and walked me up the steps jimmy helping of course.

I had a wrap on my ankle and wrist now.

I sat down smiling.

"so life you won female slope style! who does it feel?"

"oh wonderful!"

"so you and him" he smiled looking at Shaun then back to me

"yes we are a thing" i said smiling and blushing

"awww guys give us a kiss" jimmy said

the crowd keep chanting do it!

Shaun grabbed my cheeks so sweetly and kissed me.

I smiled as he let go.

"aww that was cute!" jimmy said "life?" he waved his hand

"hummumm what?" I was think about that kiss.

he laughed "what ya thinking about"

I smiled "him" I covered my mouth

"aww that's sweet! I know I should be asking about the Olympics but you guys are to cute. how did you get to know each other?"

"umm" he looked at me"do you wanna tell him?"

"sure!" I piped up.

"well let's just say it started with a picture" I opened my phone "see " I showed the picture of me kissing his cheek.

"so spill the beans on the love" jimmy said

"okay well during the winter ceremony me and john were waiting to go out and walk and we did our thing" I laughed

"what's your thing?"

"okay we jump up and down and get the shakes out" I laughed "we did it before competitions and concerts and solos" jimmy cut me off

"wait concerts and solos?"

"yeah I play like 16 years of flute and 5 years of bass,guitar and I sing and all this crap"

"Shaun what do you think about her?"

"she's wonderful"

jimmy smiled "Shaun senses its almost Valentine's day what do you have planed"

"ummmm well I had a plan to take her to dinner or maybe do what me did last night maybe just sit and watch movies and chill"

"cool cool"

"so on to the Olympics, life how did you feel when you landed that trick?"

"oh hurt and In pain"

"hahaha no really"

"I felt happy and JUST HAPPY!. they said I couldn't snowboard on this ankle and BAM! I did and I won gold! as my momma said go for it honey!" I smiled

"yeah I was gonna ask about that on your helmet it said why it said that"

"yeah its okay go ahead ask me"

"what is that on the back of johns helmet and your helmet?"