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Hi there.

First and foremost, I had like to apologize for my long hiatus. In fact, I've been in hiatus ever since the last piece. After going around the Wattpad and re-read my work, I realized the loopholes in the storylines, the misconception in regards with haiku and haibun, and the amount of word I need to be content with my prose.

I also realized the characters aren't built up as pretty as I intended to. And tho a fellow writer did threw a praise such as 'unique' to me, I believe it's still far from being attractive.

Thus, through my hiatus, I've been developing my storyline, line up my characters and studying the approached forms. I'll try realizing the comeback as soon as I can.

I promise you! I will put up a posting schedule on my blog later so that you will not be missing my works and I hope to gain not only readers, but also feedbacks from fellow writers and readers. I believe a writer can be matured when her work is evaluated and receive good advices. Btw, you can found the blog url at my info.

And of course, thank you for reading my work.

Thariyah Shah

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