Life's Plan

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Chapter 4

Ash p.o.v

Who knew life could change this fast. That with some words everything could come crashing down.

I looked at her in the eyes thinking of the exact words to tell her but instead I let a tear out.

"Ash what's wrong?" she asked looking at me with a sad expression.

What's probably worse than your own mate asking you who's your mate.

"Ash stop the car now!" I stopped the car beside the beach and got out. I need to breathe get some fresh air.

The sun was setting down. The water was shining and the sky was filled with a rosy purple tint. Everything looked amazing and peaceful.

"Ash?" she said slowly walking towards me.

"I'm sorry Victoria" I said low.

"Ash who's your mate?" she asked looking straight at me.

"You" I murmured as soft as I could.

She looked at me surprised. She stayed quiet looking out to the sea.

"How?....How can that be possible?" she asked confused.

I didn't know how could she not feel the bond we share. How that my mate doesn't feel the same about me. That the person I'm suppose to be with for my whole life doesn't know we where meant for each other.

Everything came crashing down on me. My whole life I have waited for my mate. This can't be right I know it can't.

"Victoria tell me you're lying... tell me all this is just a joke..." I whispered to her.

She looked at me with hurt in her eyes and said " Ash... I'm sorry... I don't know what to say... I felt something when I saw you but I didn't feel sparks.."

I got up and looked at her and ran. Leaving her alone. 'She has to be your mate' whispered luke.

Victoria's p.o.v

Why is this happening? How can he say I'm his mate when I didn't feel it? I need to look for some answers.

I left the beach and ran back to my car and drove to the pack house. I need answers. That's all I need.

I jogged inside almost bumping into my brother Damian.

" Woah tori why are you such in a hurry? Weren't you suppose to be at school?"

" I'm sorry Damian. I just.. all I need.. I mean... ugh" I said and crashed into his warm arms knowing he will help me.

He rubbed my back and calmed me down. " Now tell me what's wrong with you?" He said more.concerned.

I relaxed and looked at him " I found my mate. Well not really. I mean I don't know Damian. I need your help please."

" what are you talking about tori?"

" This guy at school told me I was his mate. That he felt it and everything but I didn't... I didn't feel anything. Why Damian?" I said on the verge of crying.

He looked at me like I was on fire. I knew that something was wrong and he felt it too.

"Victoria we need to go ask grandpa. I really hope you're not a proteus."

I looked at him like he was dead or something. I can't be like that. Not in this world where I can get killed. I'm the alpha. The one who people shouldn't be scared of. I was stunned by all of this but I know I'm not like that. I know my mate is somewhere out there. He's waiting for me. I stared outside the window to see that it had started to drizzle.

'Mate.' Star purred and I saw him. I saw his outine but I couldn't see his face. I ran outside and I tried to look for him but I didn't find him. Why is he running away from me? Why?


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