Do you know how it feels being left by a dumb reason?

It sucks. Sucks like hell.

But everytime that someone leaves, someone comes.

And I thank him for leaving me, coz' if he didn't

I wouldn't find the right one for me.

The one I wanna cherish memories with.

The one I wanna sit beside inside the church reciting our vows.

The one I wanna play with my kids.

And the one I am willing to spend the rest of forever with.

But what if someone has to leave?

Is their love for each other strong enough to keep them going?

Is it strong enough YET to face the consequences of a long distance relationship?

Or is it a signal for the both of them to finally move on

and go on separate ways?

Could they find their way back into love?

Way back into loveBasahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!