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What this book is

This book is a listing for all the adult authors on Wattpad I have come across since I started to be active on Wattpad. If you, like me, feel a little lost in the vast sea of Wattpad's younger authors, this book might just be for you: a curated list of adult authors you can peruse and hopefully use to increase your contact with others. 

What this book isn't

A directory for After Dark/Mature books. Of course these types of  books might be included by proxy, if that is what the author writes, but adult authors means just that, writers the age of 30 and up who write (at least some) material that readers over the age of 30 will enjoy. 

The tag #grownupreads

I first came across this tag via RainerSalt, who posted it on his wonderful book The Egg at Dumstreet and I fell in love with it immediately. It's a tag for us, it simply and succinctly defines our writing category. I hope that this Directory will help to spread the word and increase its usage on Wattpad, making our searches easier when we are looking for our next addictive read.

The new  Wattpad Adult Fiction Profile! adultfiction

Run by Wattpad Ambassadors, the new Adult Fiction profile went live on March 14, 2017 and has reading lists, tags you can add to your book #adultfic, #adultfiction and #grownupreads, plus a nifty sticker to help your book stand out so others can find you! I hope you check it out, it's pretty awesome!

How this book works

After some thought I decided to tackle the project via genre chapters. It might work, it might not, I can only try and see how it pans out. Therefore if what you write is mostly Romance, you will be placed under that chapter along with your bio from your profile and a link. People can then scroll through and click on your name if they are interested to read more about you, follow, add your books, etc. If you don't like where I have put you, just let me know where you'd rather be and I'll change it.

The Random genre redefined

I will use this genre for those authors who cover a number of genres, with no single genre standing out. 

And finally...

For now, I will only publish the chapters where there is content, as the other genres are populated, I will update. Look forward to your thoughts and comments!

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