Piece III - B

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Leon disarmed Rowan, and threw his club to the largest monster in front of them. The largest whimpered loudly after the club hit its temple. It whined its way back into the woods, hitting a few tree trunks.

        The monsters, called Obsidia, were endemic in a neighboring kingdom called Mire. The black skinned monsters had very little fur and were feared for their muscular legs and beaked snouts.

        The class was scattered. Leon, another boy, and the girls ran downhill. Rowan scampered for the weapons and went after them. The rest of the apprentices ran towards the workshop, screaming. Two boys hid themselves in the pile of bricks. They poured the contents of the coal sacks onto them in an attempt to cover their scent. Brave souls tried to defend themselves. One took a crucible of liquid fire and threw its contents at a monster. Some got their hands on hammers and tongs as weapons. 


        The master blacksmith increased his pace of trekking when he heard a rally coming from the workshop. He stopped after he saw a pale Borin running downhill. Leon, Hana, Clover and Celia were not far behind him.

        “Ma-Mas-TER!” Borin huffed and tumbled.

        “What happened lad?” the master blacksmith helped his student get up.

        “There! m-sters a-at the s-thy” Borin coughed.

        “Monsters!” the rest of the company exclaimed.

        “What?” the master blacksmith could not believe what he heard. He became further confused when he saw a club rolling downhill. Leon quickly went after it.

        “A pack of Obsidia came rushing to our duel!” Rowan muffled the last word of his statement.

     The moment the master blacksmith heard the word ‘Obsidia’, shivers ran down his spine. Quickly, he led the apprentices downhill.

        “What about the others?” Celia’s asked.

      The road was already on their sight when they heard rustles from the woods.  One Obsidia leaped from the bushes and blocked their way. The rustles were getting louder; more were approaching them. The master blacksmith grabbed the club from Leon and threw it towards the monster, gashing the snout. Instead of sending the Obsidia back into the woods, it became more ferocious and remained undeterred on getting them.

        Hana looked uphill and saw more Obsidia. “We will be surrounded!” she panicked. Soon, the master blacksmith and his students were left to do nothing but huddle together. Rowan extended his trembling arms and held his sword pointing at one monster.

        “Duck!” A big voice came from the woods opposite the monsters’ origin. The blacksmith and the fledglings followed the order and arrows came whistling from the voice’s direction. The attack greatly diminished monsters’ number attack but more were coming. 

      Just then, globules of water, the size of a fist, hovered around of the blacksmith and fledglings. Soon, it popped and formed an impenetrable wall. “Quickly Lieutenant! Bring these people to Soleil.” A woman with long brown hair behind the bushes ordered her subordinates. She was responsible for morphing the water globules into a wall. The lieutenant and his small company brought the master smith and his students at the back of the battle scene. 

       “Take the children. I have to go back to the smithy.” One of the reinforcements denied his request. “But my students are still there!”

       “The soldiers and reinforcements will have taken that area under their control by now.” The lieutenant said flatly, “You will see the survivors at the court.” The master blacksmith pulled his eyebrows together, baffled when he heard 'court'.

      Back at the smithy, a boy, holding a flaming stick, trembled as monsters inched towards him. The poor soul had witnessed three of his fellows get nabbed on moments ago. A fellow came to the boy's rescue by throwing a bucket of burning coal onto the monsters.  Pieces of coal landed on the tables, setting them afire.

    Clover watched in amazement and terror as the reinforcement soldiers used foreign mechanisms to ward off and/or kill the monsters. The female reinforcement’s ability with water amazed her. The reinforcements came from Soleil, a neighboring town. Soleil soldiers were positioned at the back of the local soldiers, and were distinguished in their white uniforms, and shiny cannons. 

        Greendale is part of a nameless kingdom now commonly called, The Land. Supposedly, Soleil should have been part of this nameless kingdom. However due to misunderstandings back then, the town remained outside command and power of any kingdom.


        Clover, Leon, Rowan, Hana, Celia and Borin were taken to a big canopied wagon. The vehicle bore Soleil’s sun insignia on the canopy’s sides. It already had a few passengers which included Rowan’s mother, his younger sister and a servant of their manor. Hugs were exchanged and tears fell when the boy reunited with his family.

        Celia sat in a corner mumbling while Hana tried to comfort her. The master blacksmith and other passengers talked about the attacks in their respective areas. Meanwhile, Clover and Leon poked their heads at the canopy's opening, gazing towards the smoke coming from the workshop. 

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