Part 25 Something Deep

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FREDDY OPENED HIS EYES AND QUICKLY SAT UP; he was no longer in the cave and Trina was gone. Getting to his feet with no problem, he looked down and poked at his ribs that appeared to be unbroken and no longer painful to the touch. Cautiously, he examined his surroundings. The air was musty and warm. Pictures of him and Brenda were among many of the items he recognized. The layout of the kitchen, the living room and the hallway all rang familiar. He was in Brenda's apartment. How the hell did he get there?

The silence became thick with the sound of his heart beating against his chest.

A black shawl wrapped around one of the chairs at the kitchen table caught his eye. He walked to it, pulled it to his nose and took in the aroma. "Brenda," he whispered. He put the shawl back on the chair and examined the table. A business card among the scattered contents read: 'Eternal Rest'. "This can't be happening," he uttered. His eyes desperately focused on a calendar on the fridge. The blood rushed from his face when he saw last year's date. It became clear; he was back with Brenda after her father's funeral. "Brenda," he yelled, running to the bathroom door and kicking it open.

Brenda sat calmly on the floor rocking back and forth in a pool of her own blood.

Freddy grabbed a towel and rushed to her side. He ripped open her blouse tearing the bloody fabric from her body. A thick gash across her upper left arm oozed with blood. He applied pressure with the towel. "We have to get you to the hospital baby. This cut is really deep."

Brenda sat quietly still.

Concerned she may be in shock, Freddy shook her just a little. "Come back to me baby, come back to me."

Brenda's deadpan eyes slowly found their way to Freddy's face. She started to sob. "No. No hospital. No hospital."

"It's going to leave a huge scar if you don't and I can't just do nothing."

"I don't care. Please," she begged.

"Okay, no hospitals. But you have to do what I say. Do you understand?"

Brenda nodded.

"I'm going to stand you up near the sink so I can get a better look. Okay?"

Brenda nodded again, tears black with mascara streamed down her face.

Freddy carefully got her to her feet and near the sink where he rinsed the cut with warm water and a washcloth. The cut was deep; at least two inches wide. "Jesus baby. Why would you do this?"

Brenda looked over at the wound and shook her head. "He didn't even have a picture of me. Not one picture. I'm his daughter. How do you forget your daughter? I was just a little girl."

Freddy took a deep breath. "I don't know baby. Maybe there was something deeper going on. Maybe he was protecting you."

"From what?" she asked.

Freddy gazed past her to the knife on the floor covered in blood—her blood. "You took that from your dad's house?"

Brenda looked over at the knife. "Yes.

"You know you're going to have to tell Stacy, right?"

"I will eventually," she barely whispered. "But not now."

Not wanting to make matters worse by pressing, he continued to tend to her wound. "Okay, it's not horrible. I think I can butterfly this," he said confidently, pressing the two ends of the skin together with the towel.

Brenda looked away.

Freddy found tape, gauze, and bandages buried in the cabinet above the sink. He cut a butterfly pattern into the bandage, carefully connected the two ends of skin, smeared the top with Neosporin and wrapped the gauze around her arm. "Okay, if you keep still, this will heal just fine. It will scar, however."

"How do you know how to do this?" she asked with a sadness that poured from her eyes like an abandoned puppy.

"I picked up a few techniques back in my racing days. You know, I got a few of these in different places."

Brenda cracked a heavy smile. "I guess you would being a racer."

"Oh, yeah. It's no big deal. Got one on my ankle that bled pretty good. I didn't want to go to the hospital, so, I just did my best to bandage it up and the rest is history. See?" Freddy lifted his pant leg and pointed to a wide scar on the outside of his ankle. "It healed well, don't you think?"

Engaged with his scar for only a moment or two, she looked down to the floor where her blood puddled in the dips and the creases of the tile. "What have I done to myself?"

Careful not to damage the work he has just completed, Freddy delicately scooped her up and carried her into the bedroom where he attempted to put her down.

"No," Brenda said. "Don't put me here. I don't know why, but I just want to sit on the floor. Please just put me on the floor."

Quickly he veered to the thick shaggy rug at the foot of her bed placing her gently on the floor.

Her eyes welled up again looking around her bedroom. "Don't leave me. Please don't leave me tonight."

Freddy sat next to her and lightly stroked her long highlighted hair. Truth is, he didn't want to leave. "I won't. I'll stay with you as long as you need me to."

Brenda nodded and gazed back at Freddy with a look he had not seen before. Her eyes did not hold the same tense glare, but instead, they held a beautiful vulnerability that he was helplessly drawn to.

He slowly put his hand around the back of her head and pulled her soft lips to his. A bit remorseful, he stopped, closed his eyes and leaned his forehead against hers. "Sorry baby."

"Make love to me Freddy. Make love to me," she whispered.

Unsure of his actions, he shook his head. "I can't."

"Don't you want me anymore?" she asked. "Did I ruin that for us?"

Freddy paused for a second considering his next words carefully. "I want you, but this is something deep. Do you understand that? This is something deep."

"So," she said. "It's something deep then."

Freddy's eyes softened from her words that seemed to sooth his deepest wounds. He knew it was probably not the best idea, but his desire to make her whole was stronger than anything he had ever felt. And with that, he helped her lie back to the rug. He gazed down into her eyes and slowly took off his shirt.

She reached up to touch his face.

He grabbed her hand and kissed it softly, slowly, taking in her smell. He wanted to be inside her so bad he could hardly contain himself. Her smile warmed him to the core of every rotten level he had. He leaned over her and lightly rubbed her stomach and the inside of her thighs with his fingertips.

The tears had stopped and the light in Brenda's eyes had returned emboldening his position to take her at that moment. Careful of her arm, he slid his body over hers. "You're beautiful even when you're wounded." He kissed her softly and rubbed his hardness between her legs. "I will never leave you."

"You promise?" she asked.

Examining every inch of her face before saying what he had thought about for some time, he kissed her neck and whispered in her ear. "Never. I love you."     

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