Part 24 Bloody Reminder

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BARELY ABLE TO PICK HIS HEAD OFF THE GROUND, Freddy spat blood and rock from his mouth. Everything hurt like hell.

"You're alive?" Trina whispered from the distance.

Wincing in pain, Freddy rolled onto his back clutching his chest. "Fuck. My ribs are broken."

"Oh, I'm sure," Trina said, quickly moving to Freddy's side. Holding a glass filled candle above her head, she examined him closely. "He flung you pretty hard."

"What the fuck was that?"

"Some scary shit aint it?" Trina asked, now kneeling beside him.

"Is she dead?" Freddy asked, referring to the Blonde not far from him and face down.

"Yes, I'm afraid so. She was a sweetie pie. A bit stupid, but very sweet. You should consider yourself lucky you're not dead. I'm actually impressed you're still alive."

"Where am I?"

Moving in closer, Trina took a seat at Freddy's shoulders. "You're in a pit Fred. You were thrown down into a twenty-foot pit," she said, striking a match against a rock and lighting a cigarette.

The flame illuminated the hardened features of her face. She is not an attractive woman by any means and although her eyes were a beautiful ocean blue, deep-set wrinkles set like a map across her face and down her neck.

"What the fuck are you people?"

"Now that is an interesting question Fred and I'm so glad you asked it, but first things first...I want you to tell me why you came here to see Modeus."

The question rolled off him like every other question he does not feel like answering. He looked down at his t-shirt now just hanging in tatters.

"Nice tattoos Fred," Trina said, tilting her head to the side to get a better look. "The dragon one is cool, but a bit cliché don't you think? I like the one with the skull inside the helmet. You ride?" Trina took a deep drag and flicked the matchstick. "Come on Fred, don't be shy. Tell me why you came here to see Modeus?"

Freddy painfully winced as he sat up. "To be honest, this was all a mistake. I shouldn't have come here."

Trina pursed her lips. "All a mistake huh? You humans sure do make a lot of mistakes. You do and say things you don't mean. You go places you shouldn't go. It's no wonder you all die from unexplained accidents."

Aggravated, he scowled. "You done?" Freddy spat more blood and gripped his nose. He took a couple of big breaths and screamed through gritted teeth as he cracked his cartilage back in place. "Motherfucker!"

"That's got to hurt Fred," Trina chuckled.

Freddy wobbled to one knee and blew blood out of each nostril. The pain was excruciating. He ripped what was left of his t-shirt from his chest and wiped the blood off his nose and mouth.

"Oh, Fred," Trina said, getting to her feet to face him. "You don't get it, you're new to this party. Allow me to enlighten you on what's going on in this here cave."

"You mean other than it being an illegal strip club?" Freddy asked, choking through the heavy smoke barreling from the end of Trina's cigarette. "The city would be interested to know what's going on here cause I'm sure they have no clue."

Trina's laugh was hardly contained. She smacked down on her legs with the cigarette dangling from her fingers. "Oh, Fred, this is the best laugh I've had in a while. City? Of all the things you've just witnessed that's what you're still focused on." She took another drag off her cigarette and blew the smoke past Freddy's head. "Now listen carefully pretty boy blue stuck in the zoo. You got yourself in a world of shit. Lucky for you I'm curious, otherwise, you'd rot down here and die."

Freddy took a long hard look up the pit wall from where he just fell. He knew Trina was right and there was no way out.

"You can look all you want for a way out," she said. "But there ain't none son. So tell me why you came to see Modeus?"

Freddy sucked air through his teeth as the pain from his broken ribs immobilized his ability to concentrate. "I don't know anymore."

"Oh, Fred," Trina said, clearing her throat and relaxing her shoulders. "You came here to talk to Modeus about a woman named Brenda. You have a picture in your mind of her that you visit quite often. You suspect she's with him now. That stung your ego a bit? Didn't it?"

Shocked in disbelief, Freddy attempted to look away. Hearing the words, he realized the pain of his ribs is nothing compared to what he is hiding.

Trina stepped in, took a long drag of her cigarette and leaned her face into his. "You know I'm right Fred," she said, exhaling the smoke around Freddy's face. "You know I'm right," she said once more before lowering her head and exposing her deep red pupils.

Startled, Freddy flinched backward. 

Trina grabbed him by the neck and pulled his face to hers with terrifying strength. "Right now, I'm the only hope you have," she said. Her meaty fingers squeezed down on his windpipe. "I could stop your heart and watch you die, my friend. You are nothing in this world but a tick on the ass of a dog. You need me and it's not just to get out of here."

"Why don't you just kill me then?" Freddy muttered between painful gasps for air.

Trina chuckled. "You have secrets that make you powerful and useful to me. Plus, I kind of like you... Undead Fred."

Red-faced from Trina's restrictive hold, Freddy found himself on the verge of passing out.

Trina laughed and let him go.

Too weak to prevent his own fall, he hit the ground with a hard thud and screamed.

"That a boy, Fred. Remember that pain," Trina said, reaching to the side of the cave wall. She broke off a long thin piece of selenite and examined it closely. "This ought to do."

Positioning herself Indian style at the top of Freddy's head, she looked down at his face. "First, you have to acknowledge the pain from within." She raised the piece of chiseled selenite over his head and chanted, "Veritatem, veritatem, truth, truth." 

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