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Roiling in the deep

Thoughts that never sleep

Secrets that I have to keep

Tossed around way underneath

For amongst those crashing waves

Lie monsters in their darkened caves

Sail with me into the sea

You can live off my life vicariously

Scream my name to the sky above

Baby, this is how I show my love

Go ahead and blame it all on me

But we both know we're never free

From addiction borne of pain

Angel, it's hardwired in our brain

And I know that you're a whole new breed

But your heart's the only thing I ever need

So just go cry, go ahead and wail,

But come on honey, let's go sail

An: Basically a retelling of the song 'Sail'. I don't own it, nor do I claim to, but I just had to write down this unnecessarily edgy version of an already edgy song. No copyright infringement intended

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