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She hides her insanity,

Crawling down rabbit holes to drink the madman's tea,

Crossing tears that form a sea,

All so she can run from me.

She calls me the Queen of Hearts,

Wants to play a game, but love's a romp that she won't start,

Biting down on 'Eat Me' tarts,

So she can run into the dark.

Such lovey eyes, now a frigid icy blue,

Such innocence was ruined, gentle heart a victim too,

"Say, love, who did these things to you?

I swear I'll have them executed, if you'll only tell me who."

You take directions from a cat,

Eyes to the moon you ask, "This way or That?"

But Alice, that's not something you can ask,

For the journey home is your own task.

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