Clyde x bullied! forgotten! popular! reader ((EDITED))

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~Warning swearing and bad spelling~

~Your POV~

I was everyone's friend in elementary school... but... things have changed... I became unpopular... everyone started being rude towards me... but... I have a smile on my face... I'm being bullied by a guy I like... Clyde Donovan is his name... and he is my bully...

Today I was walking down the hall of the school when I felt a hand on my back. It pulled me into the ground making me down my books, my eyes started to tear up.

I look at the person, it was Clyde and his bitch Bebe, "Hey slut, here's all you 'friends' to help you...OH wait you have no friends! HAHA isn't that right babe" she said

"yeah you're a loner and ugly fat bitch" Clyde spat at me like venom in his mouth, he pulled Bebe closer and kissed her.

I began to tear up and ran away from the scene, I went into the bathroom and cried my eyes out. I felt lonely, forgotten and worthless... I hurt me to say this thing but I believe there are true....

I walk over to the mirror, not forgetting to lock the door and gave myself a pep talk, '(y/n) you are a beautiful, strong girl who doesn't need an asshole and a bitch bring you down, you are amazing and talented and you are going to amaze everyone at this school' i said bring a smile to my face...

~7 years later~

I'm a beautiful young pop star, is very famous and very well known, I have made something of is our high school reunion, I'm pretty nervous but excited. As I arrived many paparazzi was there, as I got out of my (a/c= awesome car) making my beautiful sparkly (f/c) dress shine, people started taking photos of me, but a familiar slut walked in front of me.

All the paparazzi stopped and said "move you fake ugly cow" and bebe ran away crying, I laughed and walked in. My bodyguards were next to me, as I walk in, I felt so many eyes on me. So many people came up to me and asked my pictures, I saw Clyde and I walked up to him.

"Hey Clyde" i said smiling, he turned around and looked confused

"who are you but you are the prettiest girl I have even seen..." he said checking me out

"Well you do know me but maybe not remember me," I said

"I would have remembered you because you are on fleek," he said making me blush

"Well it (y/n) you girl you bullied back in high school," I said smiling.

He looked at me with wide eyes, I giggled, "The worst part is I'm famous" I said his mouth dropped

"(y/n) I'm so sorry for everything I did to you, will you go out with me" he said, i took a step back

"Ummm no because that would have worked 7 years ago and I have a boyfriend, besides your a player, so bye," I said walking away, he gripped on to my arm

"(y/n) I love you and you can't walk away from me" he said my bodyguards nodded to me and I nodded back.

I look at Clyde, I punch him right in the nose making it crack, he fell to the ground holding his nose. "Bitch touch me again and I'll put your dick on your forehead making you a limp dick unicorn,", I said walking away.

"And one more thing Clyde...once a player always a player"

~OH MY GOD THAT SUCKED but anyway it was an idea and I wrote it down~

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